I Don’t Live Green…Yet, So Why Am I Going To ShiftCon Social Media Conference?

ShiftCon is a multi-day event targeted at eco-wellness influencers, to educate them about living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. It also shows them how to grow their social platforms.

Is ShiftCon A Good Fit For You?

You don’t have to be a vegan, yogi who lives a minimalist lifestyle out in the secluded forest to attend this conference. You can simply be an influencer like me who has an open mind about learning or trying something new. 

My main reason for attending ShiftCon social media conference this year is out of pure curiosity. I’ve heard a lot of great things about it and was even more excited to know that a Black woman is the CEO of ShiftCon. 

Why is that important?

Because in addition to wellness, representation matters to me.

Naturally Stellar ready for ShiftCon 2020 | Naturally Stellar


I’m Ready To Learn

I’ll be 100% with you. All I really know about living green is to recycle, reduce, and reuse.  Oh, and I know about those different colored recycle bins in Target and the ones my apartment community used to give us to separate our paper, plastic, and glass.

LOL!! Seriously.

I only know what was drilled into my head as a kid during cartoons and catchy tv commercials.  

So, shouts out to ’80s and ’90’s children’s programming, namely Sesame Street and Captain Planet, for playing a large part in my current knowledge base. Besides teaching kids that the power is ours, the Captain also showed us how to do our part to help take care of the planet.

Why I’m Going To ShiftCon Social Media Conference

I joke but I’m actually interested in learning more about living a healthier and more thoughtful lifestyle. I specifically want to learn more about things that I can slowly incorporate into our family’s lifestyle to help us live healthier lives.

Even if that means simply switching out one of our favorite snacks for a healthier option or switching up a current routine for something else, I’m ready to try. 

Tea varieties from The Republic of Tea - ShiftCon | Naturally Stellar

I also may have already found my new favorite Chai, thanks to The Republic of Tea. They sent me a gang load of teas in the mail last week.  So far, I can tell you that their Black Chai is bomb! 

Now, I’m ready to try out this Burnout Blocker to see if this stuff actually works. 

The Republic of Tea | Naturally Stellar
The Republic of Tea Burnout Blocker | Naturally Stellar

With all of the death, grief, and family health issues that I’ve experienced or come to know of over these last few years, I’m ready to start making some changes.  We only get one body and one chance to get this right. 

I’m hoping that I’ll attend some great sessions that will motivate me and get a chance to network with some new brands that I can introduce to my family and to you. I also know that a lot of you are just as curious as I am about what the greener lifestyle is all about. 

Getting ready for a virtual conference | Naturally Stellar


So my goal is to leave the conference with information that will answer your questions and maybe even kill some of the myths that we’ve formed in our minds about going green.

What You Can Expect To Learn

Here’s a list of topics that influencers can expect to hear about at ShiftCon this year. 

  • Platform growth
  • SEO
  • Legal
  • Photography
  • Email marketing
  • Building your list, etc.

Stay tuned to my IG stories and page this week if you’d like to hear more about my ShiftCon experience. You can also follow the hashtags #VirtualShift and #ShiftCon for more. 

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