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Today I’m sharing my latest beauty experience trying out the new wet n wild MegaGlo Body Luminizer’s. These new products are sold exclusively at Walmart and are all over body highlighters for bare skin.  They come in 3 metallic shades, Heart of Rosegold, Gold Rush and Invested in Bronze.

Beauty Review: wet n wild MegaGlo Body Luminizer | Naturally Stellar

During this review, I’ll be telling you all about Heart of Rosegold. That’s the shade I chose to step out with this past weekend.

My In-Store Experience

I didn’t have any trouble finding the products in-store. These were so easy to spot in Walmart’s beauty section. When you go in-store to Walmart’s beauty aisles, all you have to do is look for the brand name along the top of the aisle to locate what you want. So wet n wild was easily visible and the MegaGlo Body Luminizer’s were at eye level on the shelf. 

I come in here all the time to see what’s new in beauty and to check out the other wet n wild products, so I kind of cheated. I knew exactly where to look lol. 

Beauty Review: wet n wild MegaGlo Body Luminizer | Naturally Stellar

At first glance, I wasn’t too sure about the new products.  They looked a little strange and the liquid was clear. But, I quickly realized the contents had settled and they would need to be shaken really well before use.  In fact, there’s a little sticker on the bottles that says “Don’t Worry Shake Well”.  So, I shook one of the bottles to see what the consistency should look like before I purchased it.

I decided to try the Heart of Rosegold because I thought it would be the best option, given my darker skin tone.

Also, the price point was great at $9.93 a bottle.

Beauty Review: wet n wild MegaGlo Body Luminizer | Naturally Stellar

Testing MegaGlo Body Luminizer at night

So this past weekend I got all glammed up for a 1-year anniversary party for a local social events group I’m in. The event was held in downtown Nashville, at the fabulous Serendipity Labs co-working space. I’ll tell you more about that in another post. But, I knew this party would be the perfect opportunity to try out my new MegaGlo Body Luminizer since it was going to be a cocktail attire affair.

Beauty Review: wet n wild MegaGlo Body Luminizer - Heart of Rosegold | Naturally Stellar

I wore a black keyhole bodycon dress so I decided to use my Hearts of Rosegold on my cleavage area and legs. Those were my 2 bare skinned areas for the night.

I applied the product AFTER I was dressed because I wasn’t sure if this would stain my clothing or not.  It didn’t at all. But as with any liquids or creams, I would suggest testing them out first to make sure.

Beauty Review: wet n wild MegaGlo Body Luminizer | Naturally Stellar
Me and my blogger buddy Wineing Momma being silly,

I thought the coverage was super sheer against my skin tone. The flecks of shimmer weren’t very noticeable on me unless you looked very closely. I would have preferred a bit more shimmer and sparkle. So, I’m going to try the darker Bronze or Gold colors because I think they will provide enough contrast to be more visible against my skin. 

In hindsight, I think I was expecting this to do more than what this product is supposed to do.  It is meant to create a luminous effect on your skin, not to give it a highly pigmented shimmer, as my other wet n wild highlighters do.

Beauty Review: wet n wild MegaGlo Body Luminizer | Naturally Stellar

My Overall Opinion

I really like this product. First of all, there’s no noticeable fragrance. The oils melted really well into my skin giving it a nice healthy sheen. 

The ingredients are worth mentioning too. These are gluten-free, cruelty-free and have no parabens.  The Bronze and Gold shades are also vegan. 

But, what I like the most about this is that the MegaGlo Body Luminizer’s are perfect for dressy occasions, where I’ll have bare skin exposed. So, they can be used year round. Plus, they’re a great option to add as a stocking stuffer during the holidays or to add to a goody bag or gift basket.

So if you’re looking for an all over sparkle that you can see from a distance, this product won’t do that. What it does though is give your skin a nice glistening effect. A healthy glow.

Head over to your local Walmart and check out wet n wild.  You can also check out the new MegaGlo Body Luminizer’s by clicking here

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