Why I Chose Walmart Plus For Back To School Supply List Shopping

Have you heard about the new Walmart Plus (aka W+) service? If not, then let me tell you how I used it to tackle our back to school supply lists. *This post contains affiliate links. It costs you nothing to click but does help to support this site. 

Here's why you should try the new Walmart Plus service for back to school shopping | Naturally Stellar

So What Is Walmart Plus Anyway?

I heard about Walmart Plus quite a while ago but I never dug deeper to see what it was all about. I just figured it was going to be another wasted subscription, out of a sea of many, for online shopping. But I was wrong.

Walmart Plus is a monthly or yearly subscription service that offers free shipping for any products shipped by Walmart. Price tag – $12.95 per month. 

So what is it that separates this from regular online shopping and why pay for it?

Well, for 1 there are no order minimums. So if you want to buy $10 worth of stuff you can. Ran out of diapers or Tampons and that’s all you need? This is THAT service.

It also offers free unlimited delivery from your local Walmart for just about anything and you can save 5 cents per gallon on gas at Walmart, Sams Club, and Murphy gas stations.

Plus, savings on prescriptions.

Lastly, it offers “mobile scan-and-go” so you can checkout contactless as you shop. This means no more waiting in those ridiculous lines. Been there, hate that. 

Why I used Walmart Plus for my kids back to school supplies shopping | Naturally Stellar
Everything my daughter needed for first grade! – using Walmart Plus | Naturally Stellar

Back To School Shopping With Walmart Plus

This week I decided to take advantage of the free Walmart Plus 15-day trial so I could test it out on my kids back to school supplies. 

As soon as I signed up, I got a pop-up message extending my free trial to 30 days.  So far so good! 

My plan was to sign up and use the service – since it was free delivery – so I could do a one-time shopping trip for their stuff without having to go to the store.

Then I was going to cancel. Because who needs another subscription service and another bill, right?

Why I chose Walmart Plus for back to school supply shopping | Naturally Stellar
All the stuff my teenage middle schooler needs to get started! – using Walmart Plus | Naturally Stellar

First of all, I wanted to see if they would actually have all of the stuff that was on the school supply lists in ONE place. Then I wanted to see what their delivery options actually looked like.

To my surprise, they really offered a wide range of delivery times and an easy shopping experience. I could pick my day and delivery window, including contactless drop off within 2 hours if I wanted. Bet!

Although I was already familiar with shopping for groceries and other household stuff with Walmart’s pickup option, I never tried having anything delivered from their stores.

My items arrived like clockwork the next day at my specified time. The driver followed my instructions for knocking and I only had 3 items out of 28 that weren’t available. *Note, at the time of my order, I selected no substitutions on a few things. So this was expected. 

Man, I’m kind of feeling this! I definitely think this can convince more people to shop at Walmart because it takes care of many of the hassles that people tend to complain about. Long or few open checkout lines. The in-store experience. Time spent in the store. And of course…customer service.

No more of that!

If you haven’t done your shopping for school supply lists OR have last-minute needs, I highly suggest signing up for the Walmart Plus free trial so you can try this out for yourself. 



Why I Chose Walmart Plus For Back To School Supply List Shopping

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