A Unique Experience: Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort

A few weeks ago I went on a road trip to Orlando, FL with my daughter and photographer/sitter/shero.  I was there for a few days attending an annual blogging conference.  I could have stayed at the conference’s hotel pick this year, but I wanted to do something different for my visit. 
Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort | Naturally Stellar
I enjoy unique experiences and since I knew I’d be traveling with my daughter, I decided to reach out to a media connection at Wyndham Grand Orlando Bonnet Creek, to see if they’d be willing to host my stay in exchange for a review and social media coverage during my stay. They very graciously accepted and I was over the moon to see what I would encounter while there. *Hotel stay was comped/sponsored by Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Hotel. All opinions and experiences are 100% my own. 
Of course, whenever I travel, I like to research the area and property so that I don’t miss out on anything while I’m there.  But I just wasn’t prepared for all of the fab of this resort hotel.

My Experience at Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort

From the moment I stepped inside the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort in Bonnet Creek, I was greeted with hospitality. Check in at the front desk was quick, courteous and to my surprise, I was upgraded to an executive suite on the 14th floor of the hotel for my hosted stay!
Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort | Naturally Stellar
I spent 2.5 days and 3 nights exploring the Wyndham Grand Orlando, the resort property and surrounding area.

The Room – Executive Suite

Executive suites at the Wyndham Grand Orlando are a great size for families that require or prefer more room.  On one side is a double queen room with a full bath (soaking tub) and spacious vanity.  The adjoining room has a full living room and dining room with another full bath (stand up shower).  Oh my goodness, the beds were fabulous!  Pillows were so plush, duvets were the bomb and the bed was so comfortable, I just wanted to sleep in every day.
Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort | Naturally Stellar


One of the things I really loved about the suite was the attention to detail, when it comes to amenities in the room.  It’s a full service hotel, so you won’t find a microwave in your room, BUT you are welcome to bring one along. There are robes in the closets as well as a luggage valet.  They provide 2 types of refrigerators. One, that can hold larger food items and had a mini freezer section (on the living room side) and the other (bedroom side) which could hold bottles, canned drinks and larger beverages.  We were able to fit a half-gallon of milk in there for breakfast.  If you choose to bring along a few groceries, there is plenty of shelving available to store your food and tableware. 
Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort | Naturally Stellar
Charging station provided in room at the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Hotel. It’s a power outlet and can charge multiple types of mobile devices at once. The desk lamp also has an outlet. | Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Hotel | Naturally Stellar


Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort | Naturally Stellar

The room has 2 safes, 2 temperature units on the walls in both rooms so you could control the climate on both sides.  There was a nice variety of lighting throughout. Furniture was very comfortable with many seating options. There are so many outlets available throughout both room. No one should have a problem finding power sources for any of their devices.  Besides the plentiful wall outlets, if you happened to forget your device chargers, the clocks in the rooms have adapters to take care of that! The desk lamp in the bedroom has an outlet in its base and the hotel provides an additional charging station on the room desk.  
Fold out reading lights in the head boards of the beds, were also nice added touches.  Those lights made it perfect to catch up on some late night work while my daughter slept. 
Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort | Naturally Stellar
If you leave your charger at home, no worries, the clocks have adapters | Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort
The adjoining room also has a sectional with chaise. Inside is a queen sofa bed with memory foam mattress.  It was really comfortable too!
The balcony stretched the width of the living room area and had a wrought iron table and 2 chairs. The views from the balcony in the morning and at night are so gorgeous.  My particular view was of the front side of the hotel, so I could easily see the golf course across the street.
Being on the 14th floor was very quiet. There were many families staying in suites, but surprisingly there was very little noise.  We slept peacefully every night.
Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort | Naturally Stellar
My daughter’s favorite spot in our suite. She loved looking out the big window while eating her snacks.

Exploring The Hotel and Decor

When I visit hotels, the #1 thing I’m drawn to is the decor. I can’t help myself.  I have to explore to get a closer look at the furniture, artwork and lighting.  The Wyndham Grand has so much to offer.  I found so many little hidden places to sit and relax or chat.
On the first floor of the hotel you’ll find the registration and concierge desks in the lobby, The Barista cafe, Deep Blu Seafood Grille, Bar 1521, a gift shop and a small ticket counter where you can purchase attraction tickets.  
Travel Tipyou can easily purchase Disney attraction tickets right  on the Wyndham website when you make your reservations.  Scroll to the bottom of each page on the site and you’ll see an image for “Good Neighbor Hotel”. You can click on this and purchase tickets for Disney theme parks, water parks and more.  
As a convenience on those hot and steamy days,  the hotel provided free ice-cold cucumber and watermelon infused water, in the lobby near the entrance.
If you head around the corner past the lounge piano, to the right.  Straight ahead at the end of the hall is this beautiful seating area.  Check out these fabulous high back chairs!  This was my favorite seating arrangement in the hotel.

Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort | Naturally Stellar

Gorgeous High Back Chairs at the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Hotel | Naturally StellarWyndham Grand Orlando Resort | Naturally Stellar

Beautiful artwork along the walls at Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Hotel – Lobby Level

I was really drawn to this staircase and the gorgeous 2 story mural of Queen Elizabeth. There is also a nice seating area close by, to the right of the stairs on the lobby level. Every time I passed through here, it was always quiet, so it’s another little place to getaway and relax.   A second elevator with access to the parking garage is over here too. 


Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort | Naturally Stellar
2-story mural of Queen Elizabeth at the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Hotel – Lobby Level


The lower level of the hotel has Blue Harmony luxury spa, Tesoro Cove, a business center and conference/meeting rooms.  Right outside of Tesoro Cove restaurant are a few seating areas and restrooms.    I saw a nice family restroom with a changing table. This is great if you’re coming in from the pool area or visiting the restaurant.  If you’re traveling with babies, toddlers or young kids, knowing where family bathrooms are is always helpful.
I found this little area underneath one of the staircases. A quaint little place to hide away with a good book and a cup of coffee.

Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort | Naturally Stellar

More hidden seating found underneath the main stairs Lower Level – Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Hotel | Naturally Stellar


Hotel Grounds and Pool Areas

Your resort fees include access to other areas on the property.  It was fun checking out the various pools and recreation areas around the lake. There are a lot of activities going on each day to keep everyone in the family occupied.

This place has various pools to choose from.  On top of that they have a lazy river, toddler pools, splash pads, outdoor restaurants & bars. There are picnic shelters, huge stainless steel grills, outdoor swings, a playground, shuffle board, giant outdoor checker board, outdoor movies, an arcade, activity center and an awesome walking path connecting all of the building surrounding the lake.  You’ll also find a mini golf course and herb garden as you walk the grounds. 

Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort | Naturally Stellar
Top floor view of the pool at Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Hotel Bonnet Creek | Naturally Stellar


Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort | Naturally Stellar
So many great places to relax and enjoy a peaceful view. | Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek
Surrounding Area
The hotel is located at Bonnet Creek, which is right within Disney and just minutes from Disney Springs.  Restaurants and conveniences are abundant and close by. Public transportation is also nearby.   You CAN catch the bus to get to popular places like Disney Springs right from the hotel.  Just use services like Lynx Trip Planner to help you plan your trips in advance because service is limited.  Free shuttle services to Disney are included in your resort fee.  But, if you plan on renting a car or driving your own car, daily parking fees will apply.  If unable to view the video below click here:  https://youtu.be/POwOCCpgSNY
⇓⇓ Check Out The Rest of the Resort ⇓⇓

Having my own rental car made things much easier for me, especially with a toddler in tow.  I was able to explore the city more and take quick trips to places like Walmart to load up on necessities.  I’m also really big on all day breakfast spots.  Without a car, I wouldn’t have been able to experience this great breakfast cafe.  It was a 14 minute drive from the hotel and so worth the 1/2 hour wait when we got there.  You absolutely have to try KeKe’s.   I went to the Marketplace at Dr. Philips location. The food was excellent and had VERY reasonably priced options.

Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort | Naturally Stellar

A Hidden Gem On the 12 and 14th Floors
As we were getting ready to leave, I called hotel services to ask for a luggage cart.  Shortly afterwards, a young man knocked on the door and started loading our luggage onto the cart.  He was very polite.  He asked us if we enjoyed our stay.  Then he asked if we had a chance to check out the executive lounge during our stay.  I told him, “No.  I didn’t even know there was a lounge on this floor!”  So he said, “Grab your room key, I’ll show you. You’re gonna love it!”
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this lounge.  I mean it was HUGE!  Beautiful built-ins, 2 floors, gorgeous views and a super wide balcony.  It was breathtaking! Then he let us know that at 9:30 p.m., each night, you could watch the fireworks from Disney with a perfect view.
Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort | Naturally Stellar
Top level of Executive Lounge 14th Floor – Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Hotel | Naturally Stellar
I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to experience that, especially since my daughter was with me. She would have LOVED to see the fireworks.  From what I’ve been told, this space isn’t really advertised to guests.  Although, they have access to it, it’s mostly being utilized for weddings and smaller gatherings.  So, regardless of whether or not I got to use it,  I’m so glad that I got a chance to take video and pics of the space to share with you.  If unable to view the video below click here: https://youtu.be/vK30cuZTVUg

Check Out
The checkout process was simple.  You could do it right through the menu services on your TV. They also provided late check out, up until 1 p.m.! Now, I’m not sure if this is the regular check out time, but I wasn’t mad at those 2 extra hours.  I just love later check outs. So, if I wanted to sleep in or catch a late breakfast on the day of departure, there’s no rush to leave.

Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort | Naturally Stellar

My Experience & Recommendations
We had a wonderful stay at the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort and I will definitely be back with my whole family the next time around.  It was spectacular!  I really didn’t want to leave.  
My only recommendations would be to allow everyone enough time to relax & explore.  Oh and bring a small microwave if you’d like the ability to heat up meals. If you can rent a car or come with your own, it’s worth the daily parking fee.  Nothing beats the convenience of being able to get to where you want to go quickly. 
Next time around. I’d like to check out one of the Disney attractions like Pandora (for me & the hubby) and visit Legoland for the kids.  I’d also like to have a few days dedicated to experiencing more of Orlando and nightlife around the resort.  Plus, I want to take advantage of the luxe spa by scheduling a spa service, like a nice relaxing massage or pedi.


  1. I love fancy hotel decor it is seriously one of my favorite things about traveling. Also I had no idea the rooms were so big! We often run into the issue of rooms being too small for our family so I’ll definitely keep Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort in mind the next time we’re in Florida.

    1. Their club rates are something I’m interested in learning more about. I saw so many families having a great time together and they offer a LOT of amenities.

  2. Great cover of a beautiful space! I had the opportunity to check out the hotel as a visitor while there as well and it was absolutely beautiful and inviting and the people were so nice! Definitely some place I would stay when I come back.

  3. I am a big fan of the Wyndham. Your pictures and experience confirm why. They are stellar at customer service and atmosphere.

    1. They really are! I guess I just wasn’t prepared for that level of attention. I don’t always get that experience often at hotels, unfortunately.

  4. What a detailed beautiful review! I love the Wyndam brand and will be looking into staying here the next time I go to Orlando.

  5. This hotel and your daughter are beautiful! I could see myself on a getaway at this place for sure.

  6. This is an awesome review. So many times people review hotels and there just isn’t enough info. You totally made me want to book this hotel on my next trip to Florida. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, I tried to include things that people really want to know, so they’d be prepared if they choose to stay here. I’m looking forward to going back.

  7. Great review! Your daughter is so cute!!! I love high back chairs like those. I want some for my house lol. This resort looks great. The next time we are in Orlando I will have to look into staying.

    1. I know. The amount of ports needed for the average family traveling should be accounted for in most hotels. That’s why I really love the charger bar they provided here. We had so much stuff plugged in there overnight 🙂

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