These Wigs Will Get You Through The Work Week

My inner Regine Hunter loves to switch it up with a great wig or hairpiece.  If you don’t know who Regine is, she’s one of Kim Fields more popular characters that she played on the 90’s hit show, Living Single. Regine was the fashion-forward go-getter that always knew how to keep them looking and guessing at home or in the office. *This post may contain affiliate links to some of my favorite retailers. While it doesn’t cost you anything to click, this blog could earn a small fee when you use one of my links to buy. So, thank you!

Wigs To Get You Through The Work Week | Naturally Stellar

She had enviable hairstyles and always made switching up her looks seem effortless. 

So today I want to share a few of my favorite wigs to help you shine throughout your work week.  Each of these pieces is affordable and easy to find online.  Or you can just save/bookmark this post to bring to your local beauty supply or wig shop. 

Natural Textured Wigs


One of the best collections of premium quality textured wigs on the market right now is  Sensationnel’s Curls Kinks & Co. line.  The textures are phenomenal! The units are available in lace fronts, half wigs, and drawstring pony’s.  

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Curls Kinks and Co. Rule Breaker Full Lace Wig | Naturally Stellar


Curls Kinks and Co Game Changer Pony
Curls Kinks and Co. Game Changer Ponytail Texture

What I absolutely love about this collection is how natural the textures look and how full the units are throughout.  These are long-lasting natural hair pieces that will surely create stares.  Good stares. 

Wigs To Get You Through The Work Week | Naturally Stellar
Curls Kinks and Co. Boss Lady half wig

Wigs To Get You Through The Work Week | Naturally Stellar

I haven’t found any others that can match the texture of Boss Lady (above) or Rain Maker (packaged below)You’ll see a lot more of this collection in future posts and on my Instagram feed. 

Wigs To Get You Through The Work Week - Rain Maker | Naturally Stellar


If bold color isn’t your thing, don’t worry.  This full cap wig from Outre comes in a nice range of natural colors.  The Big Beautiful Hair collection is one of my go-to’s for really natural looking quick styles.  The wigs are easy to wash & dry. They also last a long time if you care for them properly.

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Outre Big Beautiful Hair 4A Kinky – Naturally Stellar
Caring for natural hair under wigs | Naturally Stellar
Outre Big Beautiful Hair 4A Kinky – Trimmed

What I love the most about their cap wigs is that they are super breathable.  The wefts are constructed in rows that are less dense giving your scalp plenty of room to breathe and your fingers room to reach your scalp in case you need to scratch. Because let’s keep it real, wigs and hairpieces can be scratchy at times.  Outre makes some pretty comfortable wigs. So, I especially prefer to wear this brand in the warm summer months.

Straight Wigs

This quick weave cap by Outre is one of my favorite straight wigs.  This is Janelle Bang and I’m wearing a color 1B. What I love the most about this is the precision blunt cut.  It’s shoulder length and can be worn in a few different ways.  You don’t have to stick to wearing it how its shown on the packaging.

I actually cut my bangs a bit wider.  I feel like it really frames my face better now. 
Wigs To Get You Through The Work Week | Naturally Stellar

Because it’s a cap, you can pull up the sides or collect it all in the back for a sleek short pony.

You can also heat style this unit with hair tools up to 400F. So if you want to switch it up to flip the ends or create beachy waves throughout, it’s all up to you. This one comes in a wide variety of colors and is easy to wash and refresh. 

I don’t really wear a lot of straight wigs, but they’re starting to grow on me. 

Outre Janelle Bang Wig | Naturally Stellar
Outre Janelle Bang wig curled and styled | Naturally Stellar

Straight Instant Buns

Now this one isn’t really a wig.  It’s a hairpiece from Sensationnel’s Instant Bun with Bangs collection.  Dani is a quick unit that can be attached to a simple high bun.  All you do is secure it to your bun with the attached combs inside the bun cap.  Then you secure the bang portion to your hair with the attached wig clip. 

I did a whole post & video about some of my hair pieces under $10.

Click the pic to buy this piece on Amazon!

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Sensationnel Instant Bun with Bangs – Naturally Stellar

It’s super lightweight and adds just the right amount of style to a plain bun. This hairpiece is available in 6 colors. Perfect for the office or the sales floor.

Curls Kinks and Co Game Changer Pony
Curls Kink and Co. Game Changer Ponytail | Naturally Stellar


If you’re ready to jump into the wonderful world of wearing wigs I hope this gave you some inspiration on the variety of styles available out there.  This is by no means a representation of all of the fabulous styles that I see on my favorite hair sites, but it’s a really great start. 

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Have you embraced wearing wigs?  What are your favorites?

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