The Quest For Healthy Gorgeous Skin – Lactic Acid Peels

**Video Post** Hey Stars!  I want to share something with you that I’ve been struggling with.  It’s one of my personal goals that I’ve been trying to accomplish since the beginning of the year, but have been failing at horribly πŸ˜€  My skin.  I’m on a quest to achieve healthy & beautiful skin before the end of 2013 and Lactic Acid Peels are gonna help me get there. 

Lactic Acid Peels for Dark Acne Prone Skin - Results with Pics

I have very sensitive, oily & acne prone skin and have spent many years battling adult acne & hyperpigmentation from acne scarring.

You name it and I’ve probably tried it. Proactive, Acne-Free, Murad’s, Dermatologist prescriptions, The Oil Cleansing Method, Oxy, Neutrogena, Olay, Aveeno (which I need to revisit – their colloidal oatmeal face lotion was the Shizznit).  And to fight the hyperpigmentation I tried, Palmers, Black Soap, Nadinola, Ambi, Pure Vitamin E.

All of this over the last 15 years and never have I experienced such a drastic & dramatic experience as I’m having with Lactic Acid Peels.

October 2013

(My First Application with Day 1 Results)

Lactic Acid Peels

Let me give you a little background.

One night a few weeks ago, I hopped on YouTube to do a search on oily and acne prone skin remedies. I was specifically looking for vídeos aimed at darker complexions or African-American skin. I was able to narrow down my search to a group of videos focused on chemical peels & microdermabrasion for darker skin tones.

One Vlogger whose videos I fell in love with was My Invisible Chyrsalis. She had some candid videos showing her TCA peel results and also showed her love of Lactic Acid Peels, which was pretty convincing.

Well, I’m not one of those people who follows things all willy nilly straight from YouTube so I coupled my videos with a lot more research of Medical websites & Dermatology articles talking about Lactic Acid and the benefits of using it on facial skin. Then I spent some time researching the dangers of chemical peels & jotted down tips about performing them safely at home.

So with all of that information, I thought about it, talked to my husband & some of my fam about what I was planning on doing, bought my supplies & got to work!

My Skin May 2014

(7 Months Later)

Natural Hair, Spiral Set, Flexi Rod, Naturally Stellar, Natural Hair Styles, Low Heat

My Skin August 2014

(I hadn’t done a peel in a few months and it still looks good!)

Importance of A Mommy Son Date


My Skin 2015

Lactic Acid Peels for Dark Acne Prone Skin | Naturally Stellar Results with Pics

Spring 2016

LANEIGE Power of 7 Review - K Beauty | Naturally Stellar
Skin prepped and ready for my makeup and spf protection.

You really can have the skin you’ve always wanted with just a little extra TLC.  You don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on expensive creams & dermatologist visits.  You can achieve great skin from the comfort of your home.  The trick is understanding your specific skin care needs and taking care of yourself by drinking lots of fluids daily (Water, Milk, Juices etc.)   Also, I stay away from pre-formulated skin peels with added ingredients.   I strictly use pure Lactic Acid and Distilled Water.   Simple Ingredients and Stellar results.

The Lactic Acid That I Use (Pure Pharmaceutical Grade)

90% Lactic Acid
Never Ever Use Full Strength- 90% Lactic Acid on dark Skin!   


I created a video showing exactly what I do for my at-home peels including tips on skin preparation & where to buy  your lactic acid for less. It’s a 2-Parter.  Like/Share/Comment/Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

Part 1


Part 2



I want to hear your stories, let’s get on to gorgeous skin!


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  1. Your skin looks amazing. I’m researching peels as well. I’ve started seeing a dermatologist but I know that will not last long. It’s too costly. Where would you recommend purchasing lactic acid?

    1. Oh thank you! I bought my 90% Lactic Acid from this company called Lotioncrafters. You can get a small 8 oz. bottle that will last you a VERY long time, for $8.95 I’ve tried Glycolic peels lately, but the effect is no where near what I get when I use LA. If you have any other questions, let me know.

  2. Does it help with hyperpigmentation and dark spots? That’s my problem. Not so much the acne. I’ll get a pimple here or there, and then I’m left with dark spots that seem to never go away πŸ™

    1. Yes it does Ciara. It’s not immediate though. For me it took a few months before the spots faded. Because the hyperpigmentation tends to go deep into the layers of the skin, it’ll take a few peels to tackle the problem. I noticed a difference after 2 months of use, which really isn’t that long. Hope this helped.

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  4. I get great results from peels also, I need to get back to doing them. At first the only option was the dermatologist – not covered by insurance of course. Then I was going to the spa. Kinda pricey. Now there are all kinds of options available! Thanks for the reminder πŸ™‚

    1. You’re welcome! Im loving what the peels have done for my skin. I just have to remind myself to do them more regularly. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

  5. Great post! I have had stellar (heh) results with my LA peels. I did a 40% peel every Sunday for 6 weeks and now just maintain it once a month. It really is amazing, especially for lifting clogs and increasing turnover. Thanks for the ping back too!

    1. I’m starting my goal tomorrow. I bought 25% &40%. The lesser one to start I was thinking to get used to then work up. But with the water do you mix 50/50? I was going to put on straight so glad I read this comment
      Glad I found this post

      1. Hi Rita! Ok so, if you bought your solution already diluted at 25% & 40%, all you need to do is make sure those percentages are ok/safe for your complexion. The only reason I dilute mine with water is because I bought it almost pure at 90%, which is way too strong for AA skin.

          1. Hi Lizzie, I base my percentage on what works for my skin tone. It’s something I tested on myself. I would highly recommend knowing what your skin can/can’t handle through research before attempting this. As a general rule, the more melanin you have the percentage should decline. For medium/light brown AA skin I don’t recommend going above 45%.

  6. Awesome! I’ll be sure to check out your videos and try this. I’ve had this problem for many years as well. It became even worse about a month ago when I had a horrible hormonal outbreak. Thanks so much!

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