The Anatomy Of A Dope And Supportive Tribe

Never underestimate the importance of a dope and supportive tribe. In today’s post, I’m breaking down the anatomy of a good tribe. What it means to have one and what characteristics you should look for when selecting people to add to your circle.   #NaturallyStellar #InspireEncourage

The Anatomy Of A Dope And Supportive Tribe | Naturally Stellar

Why Do I Need A Supportive Tribe? 

Earlier this month I was watching Angela Bassett give her lifetime achievement award acceptance speech at Black Girls Rock and the thought of tribes came to my mind.  

The Anatomy Of A Dope And Supportive Tribe - Curly Haired Friends | Naturally Stellar
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Angela reminded the audience that, “When you show gratitude, you’re able to remember that you did not arrive at the place in your journey by yourself. You had help. You had support. You had guidance.”

If you missed it, here is the full video: 

That’s what a dope tribe does. They improve your quality of life and lift you up so you can, in turn, lift up others. 

At various points in our lives, our tribes may change. Different people may come and go but the premise remains the same. Continue to surround yourself with dope and supportive people that pour into your life and believe in you (your dreams, your goals etc.). 

The Anatomy Of A Dope And Supportive Tribe | Naturally Stellar
Image credit: CreateHerStock

Your tribe is unique to your needs. So if that means your tribe includes a few biz professionals, your grandma, your mom, sister, cousin, a couple of friends, etc., whatever the combination, make it work for you.   

Here are some positive qualities you should look for in your tribe.  Consider this list as a guide and not a manual.  Your tribe doesn’t have to encompass everything listed. But it should contain some of these. 

A Dope And Supportive Tribe Has Members That Will…

  • Call you out and hold you accountable when you’re doing wrong
  • Be genuinely happy for you when you reach milestones
  • Care about your personal life and wellness
  • Regularly check up on you
  • Offer support in ways that are valuable to you
  • Be your biggest cheerleaders
  • Open doors and windows of opportunity for you
  • Expose you to new experiences
  • Invest in you (time, resources, finances)
  • Open up/ share their networks to you
  • Appreciate your presence and input
  • Respect your opinions even if they disagree
  • Consider you to be a valuable resource

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If you don’t have a good supportive circle in your life, now is the time to start looking for recruits. I hope this post gave you some insight into what qualities to look for in your tribe and motivation to reassess your current one. 


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