Must Have Tech Accessories To Boost Your Creative Life

Tech is such a big part of my everyday life as a content creator.  Most of my day is spent either on my laptop or my phone.  When I’m not on those, I’m often behind a camera.  Over the years it has taken me a while to figure out all of the accessories and gadgets I’d need to optimize my creative process and save some time.  First it started out with buying the right computer & accessories. Then, I moved on to researching the right camera. *This post contains affiliate links. Some items shown were received as press samples to help facilitate this post. 

It seems like I’m on a constant hunt for the latest and greatest tech to make my job easier. So instead of keeping my running list of stuff all to myself, I put together a roundup of gadgets and accessories that I feel are perfect to help boost creativity, when it comes to your content creation.

 Top Tech For Content Creators – Battery Life & Storage

Most creatives I know use their phones to create and conduct business everyday.  One of the most important things to keep in mind is making sure that your devices have ample power throughout the day & night.  So when the creative juices are flowing, I like to use portable chargers.

Must Have Tech Accessories To Boost Your Creative Life | Naturally Stellar
Poweradd 10000mAh USB portable charger

This one is the Poweradd 10000 mAh Dual USB portable charger.   I love it because it charges my devices at high-speed and has a really sleek look. It’s about the same size as my cell phone and it comes in a lot of cool metallic colors.  You can also charge 2 devices at once with this. For those of you with Apple devices, this doesn’t come with the apple cord. You’ll have to buy that separately.  This one retails for $17.99

Must Have Tech Accessories To Boost Your Creative Life | Naturally Stellar

Next on my list is the SanDisk Extreme 500 Portable SSD (Solid State Drive). If you do any mobile creative work like photography, video, web design, graphic work etc. this is the perfect way to back up your stuff while on the go.  This drive is small enough to slide into your pocket or attach to your key ring!

Must Have Tech Accessories To Boost Your Creative Life | Naturally Stellar

It comes with a USB cord and has a 3 year warranty.  Storage capacities on these vary from 120GB to 1TB. Get it for $167

I think SanDisk makes some of the best storage products! I’ve been using their SD cards for years. I love the performance of their Extreme Pro cards, like the one shown below.   These also come in a variety of storage sizes and classes.  The card shown below is the SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC 64GB memory card, class 10 with up to 90mb/s write speed. The UHS rating on this is a 1, so it’s really good for shooting video.  This card is $35

Must Have Tech Accessories To Boost Your Creative Life | Naturally Stellar


Top Tech For Content Creators – Productivity

Best invention ever!  My wireless remote stays by my side.  Before this I was constantly using my timer and having to run back and forth to position, to finish a shoot.  With my Amazon Basics wireless remote, all I have to do is push this button while aimed at my camera and wait for the countdown.  The actual size of this is about the length of my thumb, so it’s easy to hide in pictures. 

I do prefer the Amazon Basics version over the dedicated Canon one.  My Canon remote stopped working after 2 shoots, for no reason at all.  That was over a year ago and it still doesn’t work.  I caught this one on sale for $8 on, so I figured if it stopped working, all I’m out is 8 bucks.  I’m so glad I bought it.

Must Have Tech Accessories To Boost Your Creative Life | Naturally Stellar
Amazon Basics Camera Remote

This next item is new to me.  I’ve been testing it for almost 2 months now.  It’s a really cool concept. The Penclic wireless mouse replaces your traditional wireless mouse.  You don’t need a mouse pad with this. Just a flat surface. You basically hold it like a pen and move it around.  It has wheels on the bottom of the base that help it glide and buttons along the body that let you click on things just like you would with a regular mouse.

This is something that would work best for people like my husband, who’s a web & graphics designer. He uses a wireless mouse at his workspace when creating sites.Must Have Tech Accessories To Boost Your Creative Life | Naturally Stellar

I personally don’t use it that often, so I don’t want to put my stamp on it and say that you NEED this as a content creator.  But it’s a cool gadget to have. The reason I’m not co-signing on this is, I don’t really use a mouse that much in my everyday work. I spend a lot of time on the go, and rarely use a desktop these days.  It’s also rare for me to be sitting at my desk or a table where I would even need one.  I have a touch screen laptop, so I either use my screen or the pad & keys on my laptop for navigating, clicking and scrolling.

It’s a great concept though.  If you think this might work for you or you want to check it out, this retails on Amazon for $89.95

Top Tech For Content Creators – Accessories

Protecting my camera is really important when I’m out at media events or even just out with the family capturing all those special moments.  Keeping the lens free from scratches, smudges or being knocked around is all taken care of when I use my hard shell case. This one is from MegaGear and it’s specifically made for my T5i.  You can find similar cases for just about any model DSLR.

Must Have Tech Accessories To Boost Your Creative Life | Naturally Stellar

They’re very well made with nice velvet lining to draw away dust and keep your camera in a soft environment while on the move. 

Must Have Tech Accessories To Boost Your Creative Life | Naturally Stellar

I love my red leather case and the detail on this is excellent.  This retails around $35

Must Have Tech Accessories To Boost Your Creative Life | Naturally Stellar

One of my most recent additions to my camera accessories are these Altura lens hoods.  They’re really inexpensive and effective for making outdoor shoots easier. They provide a little shade when outdoors, so you can shoot in almost any direction, regardless of the sun.  They provide just enough canopy to block the sun or other light sources, so your photos come out crisper without glare. 

These 2 lens hoods come as a set for $10  Altura 58mm Lens Hood Set

Must Have Tech Accessories To Boost Your Creative Life | Naturally Stellar

I hope this list is helpful to you, especially if you’ve been contemplating buying any of the items I’ve shown. If you have any questions about them. drop them in the comments section and I’ll do my best to answer them or direct you to a good resource. 

Must Have Tech Accessories To Boost Your Creative Life | Naturally Stellar

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Do you have a favorite tech accessory or gadget that makes your content creation life easier?

  1. These all look like great items! I’m in the process of upgrading my gadgets and have been looking for a portable charger and on-the-go storage solutions. Your post has been very helpful! Heading to amazon now.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m a lover for gadgets myself. My portable charger got broken just the other day and I was lucky enough to get a replacement from Toddy Gear. I can’t go a day without my device.

  3. I need to upgrade my portable charger. Yours can charge TWO devices and has a larger battery than mine! The other items in this post are going on my list too for future purchases.

  4. What amazing recommendations. They are all so affordable too. I have been looking for a portable charger and the wireless remote sounds perfect for my impromptu selfie shoots when on vacation. I will have to stay tuned for more of your recommendations because all of these seem a good fit for me.

  5. Okay that pen mouse thing is so neat. I’m guilty of buying gadgets just because they look so cool and then I barely use them. I do however need to look into getting a new Drive. The one I have is so bulky and when I see this new sleepers I get a little jealous. I think my favorite tech accessory is my card reader that I can connect to my phone. I tried the wireless SD card and I loved it but I hated that you had to download every picture you take. I also like my selfie ring light.

    1. I really like this drive. I just have to remember to keep it in a safe place because it’s so small. Yup! Ring lights are bomb. I didn’t put that on this list but it’s definitely one of my favorite accessories for my camera.

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