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This summer has been a real eye-opener for me as a road tripper.  I thought I knew it all when it came to road trippin’ with my kids.  But a 10 hour drive to Orlando proved me wrong.  You can never be too ready.  Today I’m showing you a few items that can really make your life easier when traveling with toddlers.  

Travel Gear For Toddlers | Naturally Stellar
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Yes, I’m a pro at traveling with my kids on 2-3 hour trips.  But, when travelling with a toddler, after the 3 hour mark is when things get real.  That’s when you get into bathroom breaks, leg stretches, sight-seeing and other randomness to ward off tantrums. It really pays to stay ready. 

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Toddler Travel ⋆ Bathroom Breaks

This is the Baby Change N Go.  It’s a portable changer for all of those instances where there is no changing table when you stop for a bathroom break.

While travelling down I-75 through Georgia and Florida, we stopped at a lot of places we assumed would have a nice changing table. We stopped at places like fast food restaurants and larger gas stations only to find that either the changing table was missing, disgusting or not enough room in the restroom to have one.  I would always recommend that parents use rest stops because the conveniences and cleanliness are more likely to be there. But sometimes that isn’t an option, so you need to be prepared.

It’s bad enough having to balance a baby while mom is trying to pee.   You know the juggle.  You have to go but you don’t want your baby touching anything in the stall.  So instead of having to do the juggle, you can strap your baby into the Baby Change N Go.   This is perfect so you can get relief and change your baby in one trip.

Toddler Travel Gear Roundup | Naturally Stellar
The Change N Go baby changer hangs easily over the door or bathroom stall wall.

It conveniently folds up and fits into this portable bag for travel.  It’s lightweight, so carrying this along with a diaper bag shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  It stores easily under the stroller or hung over the handles.

Toddler Travel Gear Roundup | Naturally Stellar
The Change N Go baby changer comes in a portable carry bag. Everything folds up easily.

Toddler Travel ⋆ Electronic Devices & Accessories

I am in love with Buddy Phones!  These things are made to be super durable so even the most destructive of toddlers is defeated.  Seriously. Your child can throw these or chew on the cords and they’ll still work.   What I appreciate the most about these is the soft ear cups, volume control already built-in and the cute little drawstring carry bag.   So these can be folded up and tossed into the diaper bag or back pack.

Toddler Travel Gear Roundup | Naturally Stellar
Kid Friendly devices are great for long road trips.

You can also interlink headphones for sharing.  So if both of your kids want to listen to what’s playing on the same device they both can. You just plug the additional headphones into the dual jack, pictured above. 

Toddler Travel Gear Roundup | Naturally Stellar
Buddy Phones are perfect for your child’s electronic devices. Super durable with volume control.

Check out all of the cool features and colors of these headphones.

Toddler Travel Gear Roundup | Naturally Stellar
Buddy Phones have a lot of great features parents will love.

Toddler Travel ⋆ Food On The Road

Now let me just say that I’m not Vegan or Vegetarian. I eats all the meats and so does my family.  But I’m a BIG proponent of eating a well-balanced diet and increasing our intake of fruits and vegetables.   Sometimes on the road, we can’t always eat well.  We run into a gauntlet of fast food and restaurants.  Leap smoothies is a great way to take care of your fruits and vegetables.   Make some for yourself and the kids.

Toddler Travel Gear Roundup | Naturally Stellar
Leap organic smoothies are great for travel for both mom and kids

Mix this with your favorite drink or blend it up with anything smoothie friendly.  The package says you can even sprinkle this on yogurt or cereal. Find out more or grab you some at:


Toddler Travel ⋆ Feeding Baby On The Go

Last on my list is the Ciao Baby portable high chair.  It’s a great travel option for keeping your baby or toddler secure while eating.  It helps to eliminate mess by giving you a nice little wipeable “table” to hold their food and drinks. 

Toddler Travel Gear Roundup | Naturally Stellar
The Ciao Baby high chair folds open just like a traditional pop up chair with added bars for stability and safety harness for baby.

It has a carrying bag with shoulder strap, so it’s easy to carry to parks or to grandma’s house.

Travel Gear For Toddlers | Naturally Stellar


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