Simple Protective Styling: Using Hair Pieces For Quick Updo’s

Nothing gives me more joy during my workweek than a quick 3 minute or less hairstyle. Hair pieces give me the ability to add a finished look quickly, so I can get on with my day. 

Simple Protective Styling: Ponytail Hair Pieces | Naturally Stellar

I love my ponytail and bun hair pieces. Not only are they super convenient and easy to put on/take off, but they also give me envious style at less than $10 a pop.  

I seek these out on days when I know I won’t have the luxury of time on my side. Having to do both me and my daughter’s hair when we’re getting ready to go somewhere can be pretty aggravating and time-consuming. So I spend the bulk of my time taking care of her coils and opt for quick styles for myself.

Simple Protective Styling: Ponytail Hair Pieces | Naturally Stellar

With a ponytail hairpiece, all I have to do is create a secure base bun in 4 steps.

4 Steps To The Perfect Base Bun

  • Step 1 – I moisten my hair with water by spraying it using my mist pump. I LOVEEEE mist pumps.  They provide a continuous and even mist of water so my fingers never get tired during styling and there’s little to no messy dripping. Once my hair is moistened, I massage my roots and make sure all of my hair is softened. 

Simple Protective Styling: Ponytail Hair Pieces | Naturally Stellar

  • Step 2 – Then I add my moisturizing styler. My favorite product I’ve been using lately is African Pride’s Moisture Miracle Moisturize & Define Curling Cream. I take a generous amount of styling cream and apply it to my roots along the edges of my hair. Then I use my detangling brush to distribute the product while brushing my hair upwards.  You can find the new moisture miracle products at your local Dollar General, Sally Beauty and Walmart.

Dollar General A Day Of Beauty 2018 Recap | Naturally Stellar

  • Step 3 – Next, I add my favorite edge control around the perimeter of my hair and brush it with a boar’s hair brush to smooth it out, while I gather it all at the top of my head. Simple Protective Styling: Ponytail Hair Pieces | Naturally Stellar

Simple Protective Styling: Ponytail Hair Pieces | Naturally Stellar

  • Step 4 – Lastly, I secure my ponytail with an elastic band, making sure that I tuck in my ends on the last loop. Thanks to my new favorite BIG HAIR bands from Goody, I also don’t have to worry about snapping any more ponytail elastics or pulling too tightly on my buns. These easily hold all of my natural hair with plenty of room for stretch.Top 5 Beauty Gifts Under $25 | Naturally Stellar

So Many Hair Pieces To Choose From

There are so many styles, textures and colors to choose from when it comes to hair pieces. I don’t have a particular place that I like to buy them from.  I kind of pick them up when I see them. Sometimes that means a local beauty supply or if I’m shopping online I may add one to my cart.

I love combining a quick simple style with a bright lippie.  I feel so put together and comfortable rocking buns.

Simple Protective Styling: Ponytail Hair Pieces | Naturally Stellar

Simple Protective Styling: Ponytail Hair Pieces | Naturally Stellar


My favorite hair piece of the bunch is my afro puff.  I’m wearing a medium-sized puff below (Yes, I said medium lol) and I get so many compliments from both women and men when I wear this.  I get a kick out of being a chameleon with my hair.  So, whenever I disclose that my afro puff is a hair piece, people’s jaws drop. They can’t believe that this isn’t my real hair.

I mean I do have a pretty decent natural afro puff but nothing near as full as this!

Simple Protective Styling: Ponytail Hair Pieces | Naturally Stellar

Check out my hair video where I show you how to install 3 hairpiece options that will bring life to a simple bun.  Each of these pieces takes less than a minute to put on and secure.

I hope this post helped inspire you to try something new with your hair. Hair pieces can really be a lot of fun and save a whole lot of time. They save on your pockets in between salon visits too.  Until next time Star!


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Have you ever worn a hair piece? What’s your favorite?

  1. I love hair piece! I usually wear one when I have a night out. However, I prefer homemade hair piece. I find it more natural and I can’t do whatever I want with it.

    1. That’s one thing I need to do more of. It’s been a long time since I made my own hair pieces. I just found buying them to be more convenient nowadays.

  2. Hunni! This ponytails are super cute!! I love the afro puff one. I have seen several reviews on the pony tail look and I want to try it. I am going to have to find the African Pride line you mentioned because Cantu has been drying out my hair! Thanks for sharing babe!

    1. Sometimes too much protein in the products can dry out your hair. I only use the Cantu TXTR line of products because of the formulas. Their other products don’t work well with my hair.

  3. Currently growing out a blunt bob & my hair is in an awkward phase. I’ve never experimented with hair pieces but these turned out great! Thanks for the inspo, might try these out when I’m not feeling so lazy

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