So recently I was given an opportunity to meet and greet Meghan Trainor at Ascend Amphitheatre on her Nashville stop of The Untouchable Tour.  I was invited as a guest to attend her concert and was gifted with 2 VIP tickets courtesy of Tampax.   Shouts out to Tampax!

Meghan Trainor Untouchable Tour | Naturally Stellar


I’m so glad I asked the always fashionably fabulous Melissa, of Fab Glance, to accompany me for the night.  I knew she would appreciate the whole theme of #WearWhatYouWant.  She’s a fashion blogger and personal stylist so this is right up her alley.  I’m such a music and music business buff, so I was really interested in meeting Meghan and seeing her show up close and personal.

The Nashville concert started about an hour late, due to inclement weather.   I mean it was pouring when I arrived and my feet were already soaked by the time I made it to the amphitheatre, thank goodness for sandals!  So that meant it was a bit of a wait for the meet and greet too, but it was so worth the wait and the water.

We had great seats too.  Plus, good eats at the concession stands made me forget all about the delay. 


Opening Acts

So there were 2 opening acts before Meghan came on. The first act was Common Kings from California. Now before Saturday,  I had never heard of them, but these dudes were DOPE!!!  I loved their whole style and energy.  The vocals and band was so on point.  I just wasn’t ready for that.  I wasn’t expecting them to be so freakin’ good!   So I made sure to give them their props on Instagram and they replied back.  I’m definitely a new fan.

Then Hailee Steinfeld came on and performed a few of her songs.  Honestly, I didn’t really know her from her music, but I recognized her from her work as an actress. She’s the little girl from the movie True Grit.


Meghan Trainor

Then the moment we all were waiting for.  Meghan came in with a bang and went out like a firework finale. Her show was ON POINT!!  Her band, her dancers and the whole theme of her show was very well orchestrated.  The wardrobe changes were excellent and her voice was strong and steady throughout the whole show.

Meghan Trainor Untouchable Tour | Naturally Stellar

Show Opener

We had a special appearance from Meghan’s dad during “Dance Like Your Daddy”.

And a special appearance from Nashville’s own Who Is Fancy.   This was the first time Meghan and Fancy performed this song on stage, so that was a special treat.

I never did get a chance to meet the Tampax team at their booth. I wanted to check out all the cool stuff they had back there, but since we got off to a late start, it wasn’t possible.  But, they were more than gracious and sent me a Thank You package of products and Meghan Trainor merchandise after the concert.   So shouts out to Tampax and to MSL Group for the awesome night and VIP treatment!  

They sure made a mama feel like a Rock Star out in these streets