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I am sick to death of the way my walk-in closet looks these days. It has become this cluttered, disorganized mess that is no longer functional. It’s basically just another place to store and throw things because of lack of space.   So instead of being able to walk in and quickly pick out my outfit for the day, I’m wasting time just trying to find what I need or re-stacking things because what I want is underneath a pile of something else. It’s really becoming a headache.



It’s not like I can blame all the clutter on my hubby either.  I wish I could LOL. But the reality is my stuff takes up about 75% of our closet, if not more.  My hubby  has a little tiny piece of real estate and I feel like I’m squashing him out.  Not that he really needs much more space for what he has, which is basically a pair of pants LOL!  But really, trying to see our closet through the eyes of my man makes me hope he doesn’t curse me under his breath.

I’m gonna share some pics of my space so you can see what I’m dealing with and please don’t embarrass me more by leaving comments about the mess or …stuff like “that poor, poor man”.  Just pretend like you don’t see my side 😀  “Nothing to see here…move along people”  I know it’s ridiculous, that’s why I’m fixing it.

So here’s the culprit

Walk in closet organization


As you can see it’s quite full.  I have plastic totes full of clothes, plastic modular drawers full of purses, a metal shelving unit holding half of my jewelry, keepsakes and more baskets full of stuff.  Underneath that is shoes. Next,  I have another plastic zippered bag full of heels. Then, I have my shelves stacked with shoe boxes (all full), baskets for my headscarves and tank tops.   Oh and as you will see, hubby actually has spaces in between his hangers, on his side LOL!!!   He is seriously firm on NOT relinquishing an inch of his real estate over there.  That Bum!

Oh There’s More

Cleaning My Closet

That mountain of boxes is all his.  Well ours….it’s our music equipment boxes, but he insists on keeping them.  As you can see here, the hubster has 2 shirts and 1 pair of pants so he should be more than happy to lend his wife half of his space.   I mean any hubby that REALLY loves his wife wouldn’t mind sacrificing some space to make her happy right? (in case he’s reading this)

And Just When You Thought I Was Done…More

Reorganizing my closet this fall

Even my wall space is occupied (at least on my side it is).   I don’t have anything behind my door, but I do have a clothes rack and a plus size mannequin taking up the middle, you know, the walk in part of the walk in closet LOL!! (In case you’re wondering why, I used to own a resale shop hence the mannequin).

Ladies, I hope I don’t get so pissed off during this process, that I give up.  I mean just the thought of having to take everything out of there to re-organize has already caused me agita.

I think my next move is going to be taking a trip the The Container Store to see what I can get to help me out of this disorganized chaos of a closet.   But until then, I’ll be pinning my dream closets & some DIY closet organizing tips, in case somebody else out there is going through the same thing.  Plus I can use all the inspiration I can get!  I’ll keep you posted on my progress and let you in on any solutions I find.


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Are You Doing Any Cleaning/Reorganizing For Fall?

  1. I feel sorry for your poor hubby and his small corner, but its normal and I am sure he manages it better lol. Well at least you are trying to sort it out before it sorts you out.

  2. My walk in closet is currently in shambles! To make matters worse, the Hubs closet is separate! I’m going to hire my niece to help men there is no other way 🙂

  3. Chile, much to my friends’ horror I’m so glad that I don’t have this problem. All of my clothes (and shoes) fit on my side of our tiny walk-in LOLOL. I don’t even remember the last time I bought clothes…definitely pre-pregnancy so about a year a half ago. I do love the container store though so I’m sure you’ll find some nice options there 🙂

  4. Ooh, girl. One thing I’ve found helpful is to clear a little bit every day. I’ve been able to get rid of a few bags of clothes, shoes, and purses, but there’s still more work to do. I’m excited to see your finished closet — from your Pintrest board, it looks like you’re off to a great start!

  5. Yikes! I know how these things can look daunting…hell it IS daunting. But I think you are headed in the right direction…if you are headed to the container store:) I’m an organized person…that’s not a brag at all; I wanted you to know that there is a downside to that too!!! There are things that I have given away that I wish I had back…really wish I had back. I think the neat in me can be a bit hasty when I am chucking things. Good luck;) i know you’ll get ‘er done:)

  6. Gurl your closet is neat in comparison to mine which is why I have a date with them on Saturday, it’s marked on my calendar to do some serious organizing and purging. I still have Summer clothes that never made it up from the basement – sad!

    1. It’s SEEMS semi neat, but that’s because you can’t see all of the clothes and shoes I stuffed underneath in totes. Plus I have a storage bench at the foot of my bed filled with stuff and another foot locker filled with shoes. I really need to make some donation box trips. I really don’t need all of this stuff.

  7. OOH my God. I am happy to see that in this sense I am not alone in the world.
    All my stuff is coming out of closets and I am dying to organize the stuff. I found some boxes out in street from charity organizations I am planning to put extra things there. I hope I will be able to shrink the size to properly organize stuff.

    1. Yeah I’m no where near being a Martha LOL!! Trust me there’s more of us, than there are of them, people just don’t want to admit it. Thank God for Pinterest and the DIY Network or I’d be lost.

  8. That is seriously funny! That poor … Oh, you said not to say that. Um, I admire your determination to make it all better. Just to put it in perspective, my auntie had 30 years worth of stuff in a full-sized basement (in addition to all the other “stuff” in the rest of the house on 2 other floors. I went to NY to help her organize it (she was planning to move South). Well, I’ll tell you I spent a couple months over a summer assisting her.

    Not knowing where to start, I had her go buy tons of Rubbermaid containers (the really big ones). That’s where we started. Clearing out the space into those tubs, in order to see clearly … and then we could begin to organize.

    May the force be with you! 🙂

    Vernessa Taylor (@CoachNotesBlog)

    1. Thanks Vernessa, I’ll probably need the force the minute I have to either throw a pair of shoes away or donate them.

      I have that same type of mom, mine moved South and needed to rent a storage room just to hold all of the stuff that wouldn’t fit inside the house. I know your pain 🙂

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