New TXTR Line By Cantu Available Exclusively At Ulta Beauty

I love spreading awareness about new product launches for textured hair.  Sometimes this kind of news can get lost in the sauce, because the market has grown so drastically over the years.  It can be hard to sift through the vast sea of products out there.  So I’m glad I caught this one.  I’m pretty excited about. It’s the new TXTR line by Cantu and it’s being sold exclusively at Ulta. 

Cantu TXTR Line at Ulta | Naturally Stellar

TXTR by Cantu – Exclusively at Ulta Beauty

Both Sleek and Treat lines have 4 products to help consumers simplify their shopping experience.  We all know how hard it can be shopping for natural hair products after reading through a ton or reviews and watching countless YouTube videos. We’re always on the hunt for the holy grail to tame our manes.

Well, let me give you as much info as I can to help make it easier.

  • This line is being sold exclusively at Ulta Beauty
  • Treat Line was developed to help promote a healthy scalp and provide maximum moisture to our strands
  • Sleek Line was made to help us maintain our favorite styles with excellent texture definition and hydration
  • All products are free of Sulfates, Mineral Oils, Parabens and Silicones.
  • All products have added vitamins, extracts, essential and natural oils to give your hair everything it needs

Cantu Sleek and Treat TXTR Line | Naturally Stellar

Treat – TXTR by Cantu

Cantu Sleek and Treat TXTR Line | Naturally Stellar

The Moisture Mask is a deep conditioner with shea butter, boabab extract (increases strength), spearmint oil, watercress extract (minimizes hair loss) and canola oil.  You simply apply this from ends to roots after your normal wash.  You can also leave it on under a plastic cap and apply heat for 15 minutes for deeper penetration.  Then just rinse with cool water. 

Cantu Sleek and Treat TXTR Line | Naturally Stellar

TXTR Soothing Shampoo has ACV and Tea Tree Oil in it to help sooth itching and remove any buildup on the hair and scalp.   This also has shea butter (hydration), spearmint oil (soothes dry scalp), aloe (for detangling and smoothing) and oat kernel extract (soothes).  So with this you’ll just lather rinse repeat. 

The Hydrating Conditioner is a rinse out or leave in product.  It has shea butter, spearmint oil and canola oil (minimizes split ends).  So apply this and rinse with cool water or apply to your ends and work towards your roots, then just leave it in and style as usual.  It’s up to you!

Cantu Sleek and Treat TXTR Line | Naturally Stellar

TXTR Scalp Saver Oil has shea butter, rosemary oil (moisturizes), burdock root oil (soothes itching), vitamins A, D, E and K.  Plus a whole bunch of other great natural ingredients. 

I’ve been using this product on my hair underneath my crochet braids.  I normally mist my roots and cornrows at night and then apply the Scalp Saver oil.  Then I give my scalp a nice massage before covering my head with a scarf, at night. It does have a medicated smell to it, because of all the herbs, oils and vitamins.  The fragrance kind of reminds me of Indian Hemp.   It has a very similar smell.  But it’s a powerhouse!   I absolutely love using this and even use it in my daughter’s hair.

Sleek – TXTR by Cantu

Cantu Sleek and Treat TXTR Line | Naturally Stellar

Ya’ll know we love a good control paste, don’t we?  Well the Shine + Sculpt Control Paste has shea butter, spearmint oil and castor oil in it to help tame and sculpt our edges. This can be applied to dry or damp hair and is supposed to be non-flaking. 

Cantu Sleek and Treat TXTR Line | Naturally Stellar

Cantu Sleek and Treat TXTR Line | Naturally Stellar

TXTR Defining Gel comes packed with shea butter, chamomile extract (fights dryness), Vitamin B (condition & softness) and Castor Oil (shine & moisture). It can be used on dry or damp hair.  For sculpted/defined styles apply to damp hair for long-lasting hold.  

Defining Cream (not shown) is a lightweight styling cream that helps define curls and coils.  It has shea butter, spearmint oil, canola oil and Vitamin B. Use on dry or damp hair. 

I didn’t get to try out the defining cream and it’s not show in any of the photos, because I didn’t receive it in my PR package this time.  But, no biggie.  I may go grab it from my local Ulta to give it a try. You can check it out in stores!  There’s a really good BOGO sale going on right now on all of these products.

Cantu Sleek and Treat TXTR Line | Naturally Stellar

Last in the line is the Sleek Cleansing Oil Shampoo with spearmint oil, shea butter and castor oil.  It’s a color safe, gentle cleanser that boosts radiance.  You can use this followed by the leave in + rinse Hydrating Conditioner in the Treat line.

Don’t miss the BOGO sale at Ulta going on now.  It’s buy 1 get 1 50% off and Ulta is the only retailer that’s selling the products.

Also check out Cantu and their complete family of products at:

Cantu TXTR Line at Ulta | Naturally Stellar

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