Urban Belle | Natural Hair Style MashUp 2014

I’ve been scrolling through my pics on my phone, the cloud and on my hard drive recently and I noticed I have a TON of natural hair style pics that I haven’t uploaded to my blog.   I mean I have a boatload of pics that I haven’t put on Instagram, because it’s really tedious to do from my Android phone. Trying to coordinate between devices and where I stored my pics,  is a major pain.

Natural Hair Pics Series

So I’ve decided to upload them here and do little hair photo posts to catch myself up and really stay on point for all of my Natural Hair Stars out there that follow me because they want to see the HAIR!

There’s gonna be some throwbacks (waaaayyyy backs) as well as current stuff. But for this post, I’m sticking to styles I’ve worn in 2014.  I’m digging through the archives people!

I’ve been on this journey for a long time, almost 20 years to be exact,  and although all of my hair changes haven’t been documented, at least I can share what I have.  I hope these will spark some hair inspiration for you and I’ll try to add descriptions with dates or notes where I can.  Happy Viewing!

Oh and look out for my next amazing hair color change coming up in the next few weeks, I’m doing in partnership with Madison Reed.


On To The Natural Hair Style Pics!

Naturally Stellar | Chunky Twists - Natural Hair


Flexi Rod Sets 2014


Color Change in May 2014

Hair Color on Natural Hair



Simple Daily Styles for the Average Natural

Simple Styles for Natural Hair


Heat Style Guru

Natural Hair Heat Styles



Oh and there’s more for 2014….But I’ll save the rest for a bit later.  Don’t want to overload you 😀

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Until next time Stars,


  1. Let’s hear it for natural hair! While I know that’s more of a black hair movement, I have “non-black” curly hair and have been straightening it on and off for years. Now I go to a salon that specializes in curly hair, and use products for curly hair as well – Deva, etc. And I stopped shampooing about eight years ago. Makes a huuuge difference. Good on you for keeping it real!

    1. Thank You! “Non Black” LOL!! That’s funny, but I know what you mean. Curly hair women face some of the same challenges and it has taken hair product creators/stylists years to figure that out. Like Duh. We exist too 🙂 We need stuff that works for us. Ditto on the shampoo, I mostly wash with conditioners or sulfate free poo’s when necessary. Once in a blue moon I’ll use a clarifying shampoo.

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