Natural Hair Kids: Simple Protective Styles For Winter

Caring for your natural hair kids during the winter months can be a bit challenging. But sometimes we just need a little inspiration from other rock star moms. Just a little window into their world and how they are managing their kid’s hair regimens, so we can kick it in gear.

natural hair kids winter protective styles | Naturally Stellar

We’re kicking off 2017 with our newest guest author,  Acasha of 4EverMcKenzie. Today she’s sharing her daughter’s natural hair routine, while giving us tips on combating dryness and protective styling.

Winter is definitely here; at least Oklahoma has already had its fair share of cold weather. With that, comes the need to really keep our tresses, stress-free and moisturized. When you have a two-year old with a head full of thick hair, it’s good to know how to braid in order to keep their hair tucked away during the colder days. There are a ton of YouTube tutorials on braiding but if it isn’t your thing, you can always opt for cute little ponytails.  I personally stay away from too many accessories like barrettes and beads. They are ok on occasion but usually they cause unnecessary breakage.

natural hair kids two strand twists | Naturally Stellar
Look how adorable McKenzie is in her 2 strand twists!

The Battle With Dryness

Most Naturalistas equate winter weather with protective styling but it is perfectly fine to rock a fro in the winter time, especially if you don’t have a problem with dryness. McKenzie’s hair is on the drier side but since we have been using The Mane Choice Kid’s line products, I can see a big difference in the amount of moisture her hair now retains. My hair care regime is sort of all over the place, however; I wash and condition her hair about every 2 weeks. With her daily routine being home, then to a home daycare and back home again, she hardly sweats or gets dirty at all. So every 2 weeks works great for us. On a daily basis, especially during the colder months, I moisturize her hair almost every morning with The Mane Choice Kid’s Moisturizer and again at night before I tie it up with a satin scarf.

natural hair kids cornrows | Naturally Stellar
Cornrows make a great protective style for kids during the work/school week

McKenzie’s Weekly Routine

Normally, her hair is in a protective style during week because it saves me a lot of time in the mornings. Plus it prevents me from having to put unnecessary tension on it every day. On weekends, I sometimes let her wear it out so it’s basically in a braid or twist out from the braids she had during the week. Then, braided or twisted back up Sunday evening. I have been using The Mane Choice products and vitamins for about 4 months and I love the results so far.

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Acasha + McKenzie

Acasha + McKenzie


Got Questions?  How are you caring for your natural kid’s hair this winter?  Leave your comments below. 

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