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I love experiencing new restaurants in the city. It seems like with the steady influx of people moving to the metro Nashville area, there are new places popping up every week. Way more than I could ever try to cover on this blog. That’s why I like telling you all about experiences that stand out to me and are worth checking out.  Today I decided to try out a new BBQ joint that opened in One Bellevue Place called HoneyFire Barbecue Co.

HoneyFire BBQ | Naturally Stellar

Casual with Counter Service

I missed their big grand opening back in November but people have been raving about the food in local Nashville neighborhood groups. I had been hearing a lot about their pulled pork plates, corn pudding, and banana pudding. One of the big topics of discussions was that they sell Coke with peanuts stuffed in the bottle.

I wasn’t brave enough to try that out. Something about the look of Coke with peanuts has always turned me off. It’s a southern thing, from what I’ve been told. I still haven’t found any of my southern friends that drink theirs this way.  Not even my Alabama born and raised daddy.

The atmosphere is very casual and please don’t expect table wait service. You order everything from the counter and sit wherever you like.  They don’t take reservations since it’s first-come, first-served seating here.

HoneyFire Barbecue Alabama Slammer

So on my visit today I decided to try the Alabama Slammer, which is “Hickory-smoked pulled chicken plus our signature candied bacon, topped with HoneyFire Original Sauce & HoneyFire Alabama White sauce and served on a toasted bun; plus two sides of your choice”.

HoneyFire BBQ | Naturally Stellar
Alabama Slammer Pulled Pork Sandwich, Honey Flat Fries and Corn Pudding. – HoneyFire BBQ, Nashville

One of the things I love about HoneyFire BBQ is that it’s unique.  They have their own little vibe going on. From their interesting menu options like the Nutter Butter banana pudding to their Coke with peanuts. It’s NOT a chain or a franchise.  The restaurant is locally owned and a family-run business.

HoneyFire BBQ | Naturally Stellar
PB Nana Pudding – “Creamy pudding layered with Nutter Butter cookies, fresh bananas, peanut butter, and whipped cream” – HoneyFire BBQ, Nashville

It’s also a great spot for a date night and I found it to be very family friendly with lots of seating options for couples, small groups, and larger parties.  There are outdoor seating options and it’s right near the little grassy area in One Bellevue Place, so it will be a nice cozy spot to chill in the spring and summer months and a perfect place to let the kids run around. They even have a big changing table in the men’s bathroom (progress!) mama’s!

The Menu & Hours

HoneyFire BBQ Menu

Hours of Operation:
Sunday – Thursday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday and Saturday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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