Nashville Foodie Adventures – A Meat and Three, German and Fresh To Order Brunch

My latest foodie adventures in Nashville took me to a lively German Bierhaus, a small meat and three, and a brunch spot that specializes in freshly made to order cuisine.

Nashville Foodie Adventures - Meat and Threes, German and Made To Order Spots | Naturally Stellar


Food is my love language. Seriously.  I could be having the absolute worst day and all it will take is a good plate of food to cheer me up.

Bavarian Bierhaus  – Nashville 

I love the whole atmosphere of Bavarian Bierhaus.  It’s super casual, a little oud and there’s live music.  In here you can expect to see your waiter or waitress wearing Bavarian garb. 

If you don’t know how to pronounce a dish in German, don’t worry. They are really helpful in explaining. Also if you struggle with making a choice they will offer good recommendations. 

Bavarian Bierhaus Nashville | Naturally Stellar

Beer Cheese Fries

Our meal started off with a big plate of beer cheese fries topped with bacon and chives.  The dish includes side cups of sour cream. 

If you ever go to a Bavarian Bierhaus you have to order these!  The potatoes were fried just right, super crunchy and moist on the inside.  The cheese sauce was divine!

Bavarian Bierhaus Nashville - Beer Cheese Fries | Naturally Stellar
Bavarian Bierhaus Nashville – Beer Cheese Fries | Naturally Stellar

Pork Roast with Red Cabbage

The pork roast with red cabbage and mashed potatoes was very good. Hubby ordered this one.  I just sampled off of his plate lol.

The portion size was ok.  I would have preferred a little more meat than this but seeing how he left with leftovers, I think they knew what they were doing. 

Bavarian Bierhaus Nashville - Pork Roast with Cabbage and Mashed Potatoes | Naturally Stellar
Bavarian Bierhaus Nashville – Pork Roast with Cabbage and Mashed Potatoes | Naturally Stellar

Pork Schnitzel with Spaetzle

This pork schnitzel was crazy good! If you’re not familiar with schnitzel. It’s tenderized meat that is breaded and fried. You can choose from either pork or chicken schnitzel at Bavarian Bierhaus. The dish comes with either fries or spaetzle. On the side are cups of cheese sauce and lingonberry sauce.  You can eat the spaetzle just like mac and cheese by adding cheese sauce to it.  Either sauce goes great with the fried pork. This whole dish was delicious. 

Pork Schnitzle over a bed of Spatzle | Naturally Stellar

German Potato Salad

It’s kind of rare for me to not like a dish. But I really did not care for the German Potato Salad at Bavarian Bierhaus. It tasted bland. Which I was surprised by. I thought because the salad included herbs and meat that it would have a rich flavor. But I was disappointed with this one. Looks good but I don’t recommend it. 

Bavarian Bierhaus Nashville - German Potato Salad | Naturally Stellar

Sun and Fork – West End, Nashville

My first encounter with Sun and Fork by First Watch was earlier this Spring at a media preview event.  I had a chance to meet face to face with the restaurant’s management and try a variety of dishes and drinks from their menu. I was super impressed with the flavors and the portion sizes.  This restaurant makes me a believer when it comes to cleaner eating and healthy options. 

Sun and Fork AM Superfoods Bowl | Naturally Stellar
Sun and Fork AM Superfoods Bowl | Naturally Stellar

Because my experience was so surprising and delicious, I’ve been back with the whole family to have them all try something new. Even while I’m writing this I’m craving their Carnitas Rancheros bowl. 

Inside Sun and Fork Restaurant Nashville | Naturally Stellar

I recommend this place for families, day dates and weekend brunch.  I really wish they had a delivery option because I would be ordering from them all the time. 

Sun and Fork is conveniently located near Vanderbilt’s campus right across the street from Centennial Park, in the Nashville’s West End. 

A.M. Superfoods Bowl

This dish really surprised me.  I don’t eat as clean or as healthy as I would like to. So honestly, this wouldn’t be the first thing that I would order off of a brunch menu.  But let me tell you. This coconut milk chia seed pudding topped with a layer of blackberry preserves, fresh fruit and granola knocked my socks off! 

The pudding was so creamy and sweetened to perfection naturally.  The almond butter toast was the perfect side to this.

AM Superfoods Bowl with Almond Butter Toast | Naturally Stellar

I would order this again and again.  It would even satisfy my desire for dessert.  It was absolutely ah-mazing! 

Carnitas Rancheros

If you’re normally a meat and potatoes kind of person.  This dish will satisfy your cravings and fill your tummy.  I can guarantee some foot-tapping and nom nom noises while you work on this bowl. 

I chose the Carnitas Rancheros option. Which is a bed of grains (including quinoa and black beans) topped with succulent pork carnitas, made to order egg and lime crema. It’s surrounded by avocado slices, diced tomato, and cilantro. 

Sun and Fork Carnitas Rancheros Bowl | Naturally Stellar

The flavor combo of everything was fantastic. The grains…bomb.  The pork…mouth watering just thinking about it. 

There are 3 steps to building your ideal bowl at Sun and Fork.  

  1. Pick your base of either Ancient grains (shown in the pic above) or housemade potatoes (as seen in my hubby’s bowl below).
  2. Choose the way you want your egg prepared, or if you don’t want one at all.
  3. Choose your meal style.  There are 5 options.
Sun and Fork Pesto Chicken Bowl with House Potatoes | Naturally Stellar
Sun and Fork Pesto Chicken Bowl with House Potatoes | Naturally Stellar

SoCal Breakfast Burrito

Sun and Fork SoCal Breakfast Burrito | Naturally Stellar

Millionaire’s Club

Sun and Fork Millionaires Club Sandwich with Potatoes | Naturally Stellar

Fresh Pressed Fruit Tea & Seasonal Juice

Sun and Fork Fruit Tea and Seasonal Juices | Naturally Stellar


Bishop’s Meat and Three – Franklin, TN

I’ve had my eye on Bishop’s Meat and Three for a while. Unfortunately, whenever we venture out to Cool Springs/Franklin we always seem to stop at familiar places where we know the kids will be sure to finish their meals.  Places like this, I tend to save for times when I’m alone or out with the Hubbs sans kids. 

I saved this gem for date night. 

Bishops Meat and Three Nashville | Naturally Stellar
Bishops Meat and Three Nashville | Naturally Stellar

If you’re not familiar with the Meat and Three concept.  It typically means that the restaurant will have a cafeteria-style feel where you select your meal at the counter and then carry your food back to your seat.  Meal options will often include 1 meat and 3 sides of your choice.  

Fried Chicken Dinner Bishops Meat and Three | Naturally Stellar
Fried Chicken Dinner Bishops Meat and Three | Naturally Stellar

On my latest visit, I chose a Meat & Two of fried chicken with sides of green beans and squash casserole.  The Hubbs opted for pot roast with sides of corn, green beans and mashed potatoes with gravy. Both meals came with a choice of either cornbread or a roll. I also had a piece of pecan pie to go.

Everything was tasty to me except for the cornbread.  The green beans are cooked country style with meat so you can really taste the flavor in each bite. The chicken was crispy and very well seasoned. As for the squash casserole, it was unbelievable!  The pot roast and pie were excellent too. 

Bishops Pot Roast Plate - Nashville, TN | Naturally Stellar
Bishops Meat and Three Pot Roast Plate – Nashville, TN | Naturally Stellar

What I didn’t like about the cornbread was how dry it tasted.  I also prefer my skillet bread/cornbread to have a dash of sugar in the batter. Just enough to balance out the saltiness.  But that won’t stop me from eating at this meat and three again.  I’ll just opt for a roll the next time around. 

Bishops Meat and Three dessert to go | Naturally Stellar
Pecan pie slice to go from Bishop’s Meat and Three – Nashville, TN | Nashville, TN


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