My New Fitness Routine: Expectations vs. Reality

Now that the kids are back in school and I no longer have my daughter underfoot to take care of during the day, I’ve started a new fitness routine which includes hitting the gym in the mornings.  As soon as I drop her off and make sure that my son gets on his bus ok, my day begins. 

My New Fitness Routine: Expectations vs. Reality | Naturally Stellar

I’m pretty sure the first week of having no kids in the house (because of school) while I worked was the fire that I needed to get my butt moving. 

My Fitness Goals

Because I haven’t been to the gym or on any type of regular fitness routine I’m allowing myself a kind of grace period to get comfortable again with working out. I need to reacquaint myself with coming to the gym, learning the equipment and testing out some exercises to see how they’ll fit in with my routine. 

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I’m also developing a fitness schedule so I can stay on track and know which exercises to focus on for each day. 

I’m specifically looking to tone my overall body and increase my strength and energy levels. That’s my ultimate goal. 

I don’t have any goals in relation to losing weight but I am looking forward to seeing a lot of my flabby and bumpy parts become smoother and a lot more toned. 

Day 2 Before Pics - New Fitness Routine | Naturally Stellar

Week 1 Expectations

I guess the only thing that I am expecting is for me to want to give up.  Not saying that I will but I know how I am.  Especially, because I’m doing this on my own with no accountability partners so far. So, I know that it’s a lot easier to skip things or make excuses when I don’t have anyone to be accountable to.

All I can do is to make a promise to myself and God that I won’t quit. I have to be accountable to myself, first.  

Start of day 2 - New Fitness Routine | Naturally Stellar

Things that I’m expecting:

  • I’ll want to give up
  • Pushing myself will be hard
  • To lose the cellulite on my thighs
  • I’ll lose more boob (which I want) and booty (which I don’t want) lol. 
  • My arms and legs will be better defined
  • I will become stronger and more energetic

Week 1 Reality

So, my first week has been really interesting. On day’s 1 and 2, I left the gym feeling really tired and a little sluggish. Some of that was because I didn’t eat well or replenish myself as I should. Hey, I’m new to this lol. 

Quest protein bar - My new fitness routine | Naturally Stellar
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I did keep myself hydrated. But I’m thinking I may need to start filling myself with either a good protein bar or small shake before my workouts. 

I also realize that I’m going to have to change my diet and habits to keep up with my new fitness routine.  So that’s gonna mean a lot more protein and fresh fruits/veggies to fuel my entire day. 

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Listen Stars, I’ll keep you posted on how things are going and you can follow my fitness updates and tips on both my Facebook fan page & Instagram

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If you want to join me on getting your fitness life together too, let me know in the comments below.


– Candice

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