My Nashville Foodie Adventures – Korean, Gyros and BBQ

On my latest round of foodie adventures in Nashville, I stopped by a local BBQ spot that is slowly becoming one of my comforts, a new-to-me no-frills Korean joint and a Gyro shop that reminds me of home.

Nashville Foodie Adventures : Korean, Gyros & BBQ | Naturally Stellar

If you are a new subscriber or visitor to Naturally Stellar, let me introduce you to my love for food.  I really feel like food is my love language. Seriously.  I could be having the absolute worst day and all it will take is a good plate of food to cheer me up.

HoneyFire BBQ  – Nashville 

I talked about my new go-to BBQ spot at the beginning of the year.  HoneyFire BBQ is one of the newest establishments added to the One Bellevue Place roster in West Nashville. My first pulled pork sandwich experience there was a good one, but not a great one.  I blame that totally on myself for selecting the wrong sandwich. 

I thought I was ordering the one that comes with melted pimento cheese but ended up with a white sauced option called the Alabama Slammer. It’s still a good choice but my favorite pulled pork sandwich on the menu is the Southern Shine.

Nashville Foodie Adventures : Korean, Gyros & BBQ | Naturally Stellar
HoneyFire BBQ corn pudding and honey flat fries.

I’m in love with their corn pudding and Nutter Butter banana pudding too!  But what really does it for me is the location.  If you’ve never been to One Bellevue Place at night, you absolutely have to give it a try.   The outdoor space is equipped with plenty of patio seating, 2 person swings, pretty string lighted walkways and plush outdoor seating areas with fire pits. They even have cornhole boards set up for lawn play. 

Nashville Foodie Adventures : Korean, Gyros & BBQ | Naturally Stellar

It’s a great date night spot that’s within walking distance to an AMC theater and other dining options like an ice cream parlor/cookie shop, Halal Guys PDK cafe, coffee shop, and Bar Louie. 

Nashville Foodie Adventures : Korean, Gyros & BBQ | Naturally Stellar
My Favorite! Southern Shine pulled pork sandwich with pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes, candied bacon, and a sweet/spicy bbq sauce.


Nashville Foodie Adventures : Korean, Gyros & BBQ | Naturally Stellar
Pulled Chicken with Parmesan Green Beans and Honey Flat Fries (no salt).

MoMo Korean BBQ – Clarksville, TN

I’m always down for a good meal, especially if it’s something new to me.  I am so hooked on the Korean dramas on Netflix. The story lines are interesting. The fashion always captures my attention and the food on screen looks amazing!

So I went on the hunt to find some of the top spots in Nashville where I could get authentic Korean food.  I came across quite a few places with close to a 5-star rating on Google.  My first choice was a place called Korea House Restaurant, in Nashville, which currently has a 4.7 customer rating.

Nashville Foodie Adventures : Korean, Gyros & BBQ | Naturally Stellar
Kimchi Side Dish

The original plan was to drop the kids off to drop in childcare and dip out to try some new dishes at Korea House. It took some TLC and precise molding to get the hubby to break tradition and try out some new cuisine with me too. But our plans quickly changed when my parents-in-love decided to keep the kids for the afternoon.  This meant a trip out to Clarksville, which is about a 45-50 minute drive.

We figured since we were already in Clarksville, why not check out the area to see if they had any Korean places we could try? Although I did have my heart set on Korea House in Nashville, I managed to find a bunch of Korean spots out in Clarksville. Many were closed on Sundays, but a place called Mo Mo’s was open.

You have to sort of know what you want if you’re going to eat at Mo Mo’s because there aren’t any descriptions of your meal on the menu. So, if you’re new to Korean food, like I am, do yourself a favor and research some of the more popular dishes ahead of time. 

I already knew what Bibimbap was, so that’s what I settled on. The Hubby opted for some Beef. 

Hubby’s Food – Beef Bulgogi

Nashville Foodie Adventures : Korean, Gyros & BBQ | Naturally Stellar

When you order Korean food, a lot of the meals come with a variety of sides (Banchan) for the table.  We had kimchi, bean sprouts, marinated potato, broccoli, a sweet slaw, and cucumber.  All of these side dishes were served cold. 

My Grub – Dolsot Bibimbap – Hot Stone Bibimbap

I really loved this dish. My favorite part is when you get down to the bottom of your rice, after letting your dish cook a little bit at the table, the bowl gives your sticky rice a nice crispy crust. Yum!

Nashville Foodie Adventures : Korean, Gyros & BBQ | Naturally Stellar

In hindsight, I should have had mine with a raw egg and allowed it to cook a little bit at the table.  I assumed that the stone bowl wouldn’t be hot enough to really cook my egg through, but it is sizzling hot!  It would have been nice to have a little yolk to mix in with everything.

This dish also came with a cup of hot sauce, which I wasn’t really impressed with.  It wasn’t really spicy or flavorful.  It just would have added heat so I left it out.  I also ended up adding in some of the Hubby’s beef because they went super light on my meat serving. USA, LLC

We also had some delicious fried dumplings. They’re not visible because we devoured them as soon as they hit the table lol.

Overall, my experience here was ok.  Service was ok.  The seating wasn’t that great. Seats were pretty hard.  I also didn’t like Kimchi. I was really looking forward to trying it for the first time, but it just didn’t taste good to me.  Could be because it was cold.  I’m not sure. But I still can’t wait to try out Korea House in the near future. 

Sam’s Kabob Gyro – Nashville

Awww man this place reminds me of home!  I grew up in Upstate NY where the food choices and cultures were very diverse.  Not only do they serve some bomb combo plates with the most delicious lamb and chicken, but they also serve authentic homemade Baklava, which has been really hard to find in Nashville.

These combo plates were only $6.99 and I mean the container is FULL!.   The bread was perfect.  Nice and crunchy/crusty on the outside layer but soft and warm everywhere else. It’ was so good.   The chopped salad was a perfect blend of greens, parsley, cucumber, onion and tomato topped with cheese. 

Nashville Foodie Adventures : Korean, Gyros & BBQ | Naturally Stellar

Plates also come with a cup of white sauce. It’s more like the Halal white sauce though, not chunky like Tzatziki. But either way, it was good on my gyro and salad. 

Nashville Foodie Adventures : Korean, Gyros & BBQ | Naturally Stellar


Nashville Foodie Adventures : Korean, Gyros & BBQ | Naturally Stellar


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