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For all my ThriftStars out there, if you’re a serious thrift shopper and would like to save even more when you shop at Goodwill, then you must be armed with a My Goodwill Rewards Card.  I remember posting a pic of my card sometime last year and many of you had no idea that Goodwill had a discount card. Well, not only will this little puppy save you more money, but you also get special birthday discounts and earn random points the more you use it.  You can even use it in addition to any in-store sales or promotions.

My Goodwill Rewards

First let me explain a little more about what the My Goodwill Rewards Program is.

Each time you spend $25 or more in-store at any Goodwill location, you can present your My Goodwill Rewards Card, which operates just like any other retailer shoppers club card,  at the register and the cashier will swipe your card. You earn points for your purchases. You earn 1 point for each $25 you spend. Once you reach a total of 10 rewards points in your account, you qualify for $25 off your next purchase of $25 or more.

Oh and in case you’re one of those people who would say “Meh…1 point?, it’s gonna take me forever to get to 10 points”…think again.

As an added bonus, Goodwill will randomly offer times when you can earn even more points per $25 spent.  In fact, this happened to me today.

Plus, when you activate your card and include your birth date at registration, you become eligible for another special birthday discount, that you’ll have 30 days to use from the date of your birthday.  I can’t tell you just what that discount is though because I forgot to check my account during my birthday month and don’t recall spending $25 at Goodwill that month.  So more than likely, I never flipped out my card at the register because I somehow forgot about my discount or must not have spent that much.


When I visited my local Goodwill today to look for a computer desk for the hubbs, not only did we find a great desk for $50 but I also found out I earned 2 points per $25 spent when I brought my ticket to the register. Cha-Ching!  That’s 4 points.

Computer Desk

Then, I went back to the furniture section and found a cute little dresser for my son for $40 and a nice wall shelf to display the other half of my nail polish collection, that was $10.  [Oh! check out how close my nail polish display shelves match! – I’m still in shock that I snagged this within 5 minutes of being in the store. Guess it was meant to be] Anyway, so for the $50 I spent on these items, I earned another 4 points.  Well I already had 3 points on my card before today and I added another 8 points to my account with this shopping trip.  So the next time I shop at Goodwill and spend $25, I will get $25 off my haul.

Nail Polish Wall Display Shelves

My Goodwill Rewards

How To Get Your My Goodwill Rewards Card

  • You must get a My Goodwill rewards application & card from the cashier in-store, at participating Goodwill stores
  • Either fill out your application right there, or go online to register and activate your card.  You MUST activate the card in order to use it.
  • You won’t be able to begin using the card until your NEXT visit

Remember, you can use this on 99 cent days, 50% off days and with any other promotions they have going on in your participating store.

For FAQ’s and to get more info on the My Goodwill Rewards Program, Click Here

Be sure to share your thrifty finds with me on social media and if you have any questions at all about thrifting or about any other topic I share here on Naturally Stellar, send me an email or leave a comment!

Until next time ThriftStars,  keep poppin’ them tags!!



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