Multiple Ways To Upcycle or Reuse SHEIN Garment Bags

Looking for some ideas on how to upcycle or reuse your SHEIN garment bags? Then you’ve hit the jackpot.

Cool ways to upcycle or reuse SHEIN garment bags.

Let me first say that this post isn’t about the ongoing debate over fast fashion or whether or not you should choose to shop at SHEIN or retailers like them. Nope! Those discussions can be saved for another day or on somebody else’s blog.

This post is all about reusing those dope plastic mailers that you may have lying around after your SHEIN shopping sprees. Maybe you have a habit of tossing them because you can’t quite figure out what to do with them?

If that’s the case, I hope my suggestions will prove to be useful to you.


But First!…

It’s an ongoing joke/truth in the Black community that Black households must be the largest contributors in the world, to recycling and repurposing retail plastic bags. Because it’s pretty common to find a stash of good bags somewhere in our homes. But we don’t cape for any ‘ole bags. If a store bag tears easily or the handles stretch, it’s automatic trash! 

There are levels to this. Oh yes, there’s a hierarchy when it comes to bag quality and its usefulness. 

In my home, Target bags make THEE BEST deep conditioning bags, hands down. Those things are virtually indestructible! Ask any Targetista if she’s ever come home with a hole in the bottom of her Target bag and you’ll almost always get a NO.

Meanwhile, our Kroger grocery bags are predominately used to line small lightweight trash cans, because…they’re trash. Sorry, Kroger. Y’all are my go-to for groceries but those raggedy bags need a 2022 upgrade. 

Oh baby, but those SHEIN bags! Let me tell you what you can do with them. 

Cool Ways To Upcycle and Reuse SHEIN Garment Bags

If you’ve ever shopped at SHEIN, then you already know just how awesome those little plastic garment bags are.  How they manage to squeeze pounds of clothes into those little tiny bags all neatly folded is beyond me, but I promise you will NEVER see me throwing my bags away. 

Those suckers are getting used!

Here are some creative ways to reuse and upcycle those bags. 

Wig and hair piece storage 

Unless my hair pieces or wigs come in really good reusable packaging you’ll probably find mine in a SHEIN zip-up bag. 

I like them because they have air holes that allow your wigs or bundles to breathe and they provide a nice compact and dust-free space to hold your good pieces. 

You’ll discover that your hair pieces will last longer and stay looking fresh when you keep them separate and covered.

Use SHEIN bags to store your hair pieces, braiding hair and wigs.

Use them to make sanitizing safety kits for your purse or car

I’m the queen of keeping things like hand sanitizer, masks, and hand lotion close by at all times.  Now I can simply reuse my SHEIN bags to keep my glove box neat. 

Store your costume or hair jewelry

A good way to keep dust & tarnish from ruining your costume jewelry is to keep it free from the elements. That’s where your SHEIN bags can come in handy. Organize and store your favorites in separate bags. 

I’ve even used them to store my hair jewelry to keep them looking fresh. 

Use SHEIN bags to store hair jewelry and costume jewelry.

As a catch-all

Sometimes when I’m in a rush to clean I’ll often clean off a table or my bed by throwing everything into a bag to sort out later.  Shein bags are perfect for helping with quick cleaning and organization.   

Just toss it all in a bag. Zip it up. Then sort through whatever it is at a later time when you’re in a more patient mood. 

Snack bags

Before your mind goes left thinking that I mean that you should throw food directly in these bags…yeah, that’s a no.  Ewww!! But these do make great snack tote bags for prepackaged foods.  So, if you’re planning a nice day at the park or you need to pack multiple bags of snacks for the kiddos, these work perfectly. And you can keep washing and reusing them.

Use SHEIN bags to store prepackaged snacks. Snack bags.

Seasonal Clothes Storage or Organizers

SHEIN bags are a great option for storing seasonal outfits. Especially if you have a few of the larger-sized zip bags on hand. 

Personally, I use mine to store all of my bras and shapewear throughout the year, since these items tend to be bulky and take up a lot of space in my underwear drawer.

Even if you like to store your clothing in totes or storage cubes, this is a good way to keep things inside your storage containers organized. 

Use them as packing cubes

If SHEIN employees can fold and pack pounds of clothes into these thin little bags then why can’t we? Our folding might not be as nice but we’ll most likely be saving some room in our luggage. 

Use your SHEIN bags as packing cubes.

Toiletry case for an overnight bag

Whenever I’m worried about my toiletries possibly spilling in my overnight bag or suitcase, I’m quick to grab one of these zip-up bags to keep my products from moving around or potentially ruining my clothes. 

Pool/Beach Swim Suit Bags

Don’t carry your wet swimsuits or swim trunks around after a day at the pool or beach. Throw them in a SHEIN bag until you can toss them in the wash or hang them to dry. 

Reuse or upcycle Shein garment bags.

Shoe bags!

The best way to preserve your shoes for years is to protect them from the elements. If you’re not big on saving your shoe boxes and dust sleeves or having your favorites on display somewhere in your home then SHEIN bags may be the way to go.  


  • store pool/beach toys
  • organize device cords, USB ports, and adapters
  • sheet mask fridge bag
  • toiletry/sanitary donation bags

I hope these suggestions were helpful to you.  There really are so many ways that you can reuse these bags. This is just a start. 

Remember, if reusing or upcycling isn’t for you, you can always recycle these at your local grocery store.  If you can think of some other ways that we can use our SHEIN bags, feel free to leave a comment or reach out by email. Your idea just might officially get added to these!


Multiple Ways To Upcycle or Reuse SHEIN Garment Bags

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