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This Moody Manicure is dedicated to my paternal grandmother who passed away on the early morning of June 18th, 2014 and was laid to rest this past June 21st.  The color that I’m wearing this week is the same polish that I used when preparing her nails at the funeral home, for her final goodbye.

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My grandmother, born Omega Maudesta Adams, was the 2nd youngest of 7 sisters.   Her mother was a stay at home mom to those 7 girls, while her father farmed land and sold produce. She was outlived by only 1 of her siblings, her baby sister, Imogene.   She really was something else.   She was a devout southern christian who chewed snuff, loved the casino and loved her lotto scratch off’s.  So you get an idea of what a spitfire she was.  “Big Mama” worked hard throughout her life and after retirement, she dedicated more time to tending her vegetable garden, canning, creating awesome jams, jellies and OMG the best apple butter I’ve ever tasted. You could often find her sewing, crocheting or quilting a new creation.  She was very creative and super talented although she never boasted about her abilities, she just continued to do what she loved. She kept life simple and she lived simple.Right Hand 1


My grandmother loved having her nails polished.   I never had the privilege of doing her nails while she was alive because for 1, I lived out-of-state and had limited opportunities to see her and whenever I did, every time I would make an attempt, her nails were already polished 🙂  She always had on either hot pink or coral.  I think 1 time I saw her with an almost neon pink color, but basically she kept her nails polished.

Lilac on Lilac

Although I’ve been aware for the past 6 months, that my grandmother was dying, I didn’t come prepared at all, on my last visit for her death.  I just knew she was in bad shape this time and I really wanted to see her.  I got a chance to sit with her one afternoon and hold her hand.  I just wanted to comfort her somehow, so I just stroked the top of her hand with my finger.  I tuned out the family chatter from the other room and the rest of the world and it was just me and her in a peaceful silence.  At this point she wasn’t eating or speaking and spent her days & nights sleeping while on pain meds.

About 4:30 Wednesday morning, my aunt called to tell us that my grandma passed away sometime between midnight and 4a.m. She said she woke up, as she did each morning around 4,  to give her some pain meds but she was already gone.  As my family was busy making arrangements for an expedited family viewing and funeral, I asked if I could come in and give grandma her final manicure.  I know that may have sounded odd to some because death sometimes makes people afraid of the inner workings of the body preparation process.  The behind the scenes stuff that most don’t want to be exposed to.  The fear that they wont be able to handle it or just not wanting to view their family member in that state.  I get it. But I wanted to be of service in some way and I really wanted to do something just for her and I wanted it to be special.

Left Hand 1



I never realized that purple was my grandma’s favorite color until we started making arrangements.  When I found out, it made me smile because in traveling I only brought 3 polishes with me. 1 Black, 1 Lilac and a clear coat with multi-colored dots.

Because everything was moving so fast.  Her death and then body preparation.  A family viewing and then a funeral all in a matter of 3 days, I really didn’t have time to process what I just asked to do.   I just made my way to the funeral home the next day with my dad in tow, for support.   I was shocked when my dad asked to come in with me as I did her nails and I remember asking him “Are You Sure?”, but it turned out to be alright.  As he chatted quietly in the background with the funeral attendant, I was able to relax and finish the task at hand.  After a short while, I was finished.  Her nails came out beautifully, and  I’m sure she would have loved them.Lilac on Lavender 2

I kept my grandmother’s manicure simple Lilac, but I chose to add an accent color to my nails this week.  The polish I picked is so fitting to how I feel right now. It’s Xtreme Wear Carnival 740.  A clear coat with multi-colored round confetti. It’s colorful, fun and compliments the Lilac perfectly.  Even though I’m sad at the loss of my grandma’s life, I’m also happy.  Happy that she died in the comfort of her own apartment.  Happy that she’s no longer in any pain.  Happy that after she took her last breath, she went on to be with the Lord.  No more tears, no more struggle and no more waiting.  She received the ultimate rest and she’s now home.

Xtreme Wear Carnival 740


Base:  NYC Long Wearing Nail Color  147 Lexington Lilac, $.99 Walmart

Accent Color:  Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear  740  Carnival, $2.48 Walmart

Top Coat:  Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Strengthening Top Coat in Clear, $2.49 Target


  1. What a lovely tribute to your grandmother. My Nana always wore a clear coat on her nails, and whenever we would hang out together, she’d be ecstatic to see that I had painted my nails. For some reason, that meant a lot to her.

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