The Importance of A Mommy Son Date

I’ve discovered a new way to get in some quality time with my son.  Each time I’m determined to make the moment memorable, meaningful and fun.  I’m taking my son on a date!  A Mommy Son date.

Mommy Son Date


I’m one of those people who lives by the  “they’re gonna grow up really fast” mantra.  I want to be sure that I get in as much quality time as I can with my son, before he gets to the point where he doesn’t want mommy around.

So I do things like nightly snuggle sessions, making up crazy stories or songs at bedtime, I do the voices of almost every stuffed animal in his room, complete with unique personalities and names.   I do tickle chases after school and make sure I bake all of his favorite sweets.  I even sit and chain watch Lego Batman, Spiderman, Ninjago, Zig & Sharko and Oscar’s Oasis, just to make him happy and to steal some moments throughout our busy week.

Lego Battles: Ninjago
Lego Battles: Ninjago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think because I was doing those things, I never really questioned the quality time I was spending with my son, until 1 day he made me aware that he needed some alone time with me.  See normally I would have my regular date nights with my hubby.  We’d take my son to drop in childcare for  a few hours and hit up the town.  When the date was over and after we’d pick up our son, he would always ask us in the car, “So what did you do on your date?”  I’d tell him a few things without trying to bore him, because of course he can’t understand why mommy gets excited over going to a restaurant or taking a walk in the park.  Then he’d tell us all about his time at childcare.  He’d get excited telling us about what new kids he met, what games he played and what he ate for dinner.

One night he told me, “Mommy, how come me and you don’t go on a date?”   I thought about it and replied, “I don’t know, maybe we should!”   So from there, we began planning our first mommy son date.

Planning Our Mommy Son Date

The planning was easy.  We both decided on things we liked.    I like to eat, he likes to play, simple!   For our 1st date, we opted to eat at IHOP, which I thought was perfectly appropriate for a 6-year-old.  We scarfed down some pancakes and crepes for dinner.   The conversation was interesting and funny.  I heard all about his life on the playground at school and what he thinks about 1st grade.  I told him all about my 1st grade experience and what my teacher and school was like.  I think this really fascinated him considering that mommy was never 6 years old.   In his eyes, I just popped out of my mom’s belly at 36. He made a paper telescope with his menu, I threatened to spank his butt about 3 or 4 times for acting crazy.   The night was perfect πŸ™‚

The Train Set and our Date

Next we hit up the mall looking for the Lego Store, only to realize that the Lego store no longer exists in the mall.   It’s at another mall WAY on the other side of town.   Since I’m not down with wasting gas to go looking for Lego sculptures, I did what any desperate mom would do,  I Googled the nearest Toys R Us.  We played with toys for about an hour and a half and then drove to a Sonic Drive In for an Ice Cream Cone and more interesting conversation.

Importance of A Mommy Son Date

Mommy Son Date



I swear this was one of the most meaningful and rewarding dates I’ve ever been on.  Is that good or bad? I don’t know, but all I do know is that taking my son on a date meant the world to him.  Since our first date we are now onto #3.  He’s so excited about our next one.  He tells me he has big plans for next time, whatever that means lol



4 Tips for the perfect Mommy Son Date

  • Let him have a choice.  Allow your son options to choose things like locations, times, days. You want to make sure that he stays interested in spending time with you AND that he can participate in making choices.
  • Make it a learning opportunity.  Teach him about being a gentleman.  Show him/tell him about opening doors, being polite, how to treat a woman etc. 
  • Be Creative & Flexible.   It’s great to plan but always allow for spontaneity 
  • Don’t Forget the Kisses & Hugs.



Mommy Son Date Selfie



Mommy Son Date Question


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  1. I LOVE THIS! I try to get out and do things we like to do not just hav to do but I might need to put more effort into a Mommy & Me day plan. He’ll remember these days always.

  2. This is great! I have two sons and want to make mommy dates a more regular occurrence. It’s definitely a matter of planning. I’ve wanted to take my older son to his first movie for a while. This post might just be the kick in the pants that I needed πŸ˜‰

  3. I’ve been doing date nights with my son for several year’s now. And, I’ve allowed him to choose for the most part.

    However, I still remember him convincing me to skip the Mother/Son dance at school for a private date.

    So, he decided dinner and a movie. “Wonderful,” I can swing that. But, he sat down at the table and ordered King Crab legs and I ordered EMS to be on standby. I did convince him to go with the Snow Crabs.

    But,I should have taken him to the $25 dance and sipped ‘red’ Kool-aid all night instead. LOL

  4. I love dates with my kids! In fact when they were in preK we had date days every Wednesday. It’s not as frequent now but we always make sure to have them.

    1. My son wants to do ours every weekend, but I’m trying to spread them out so I don’t run out of ideas LOL. It’s so nice to hear that many moms are already doing this and enjoying it.

    1. Maybe that will be my next move, to post a list of ideas for all the moms out there and then you could all fill me in on anything I missed πŸ™‚ I’m like you, I don’t want to run out of ideas lol.

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