Mama Ramblings : Summer, Happiness, Wins and Losses

This isn’t like my normal posts.  Nope! This one’s a little different.  I want to share a sort of roundup of all the randomness that goes on, in between my regular posts.  There are so many photos or things that happen that I can’t always fit into a dedicated post.  Things like the responses I get from my readers on social media, family life and personal wins and losses. It’s all in here. 

Mama Ramblings Summer, Happiness, Wins and Losses | Naturally Stellar


My Kids Are My World

We’ve been having fun spending some quality time together. It’s been super hot outside with mostly 90 degree days, but we’ve managed to get some days in at various parks around Nashville.  We also do a lot of “rides” in the car.  One of my favorite pass times is touring the affluent neighborhoods and looking at mansions. I love seeing how the other half lives lol. 

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved driving around scoping out houses.  There are a lot of great homes and estates to look at here. I especially like checking out the homes in Brentwood, Belle Meade and Franklin.  Bellevue has some really nice properties too. 

Sevier Park in the 12 South neighborhood of the city,  has a little creek running through it, which is perfect for curious little kids. My son loves to look for any opportunities to play in the mud.

Random Ramblings : Summer, Happiness, Wins and Losses

Random Ramblings : Summer, Happiness, Wins and Losses
On the hunt for salamanders at the park

My daughter has been keeping me on my toes with her on again/off again potty training. Plus we’ve been trying to do all we can to help her with some speech issues she’s having. 

One of her favorite things this summer has been playing on her new RockABye “rocking horse”.  When I first saw these, I thought they were the cutest thing!

This one is Owlivia and it’s personalized with her name.  It has little buttons on the top.  When you push them you can hear music and each rocker has their own unique textures and functions. 

Rock A Bye | Naturally Stellar
Owlivia customized rocking horse
Rock A Bye | Naturally Stellar
This is her favorite. She always tries to bribe me to sit on the other one but I keep telling her Mama is too big 🙂


Rock A Bye | Naturally Stellar
Owlivia and Jane the Train by RockABye

I fell in love with a new car

I’m currently in love with the new 2017 Chevy Cruze with Premiere package. Our car was down for almost 2 weeks this summer, so while our mechanic was taking care of it, we rented this car.    

Chevy Cruze Premiere Package | Naturally Stellar

The attention to detail inside of the Chevy Cruze is phenomenal. Chevy really outdid itself with this one.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a chance to test out a lot of great cars this past year, but so far nothing has come close to this one.  The fuel economy of this car is crazy !  Not to mention the pick up, the quiet of the engine and the sleek design.

I’m loving the grill, the finishing touches and the feel of the leather seats.  My family enjoyed it too.  I especially loved how easy it was to get my daughter in and out of her car seat because of the room in the back.  All that’s missing with this is a sunroof, in my opinion.

Business Wins and Losses

You win some you lose some.  So I wasn’t able to secure a spot as a 2017 beauty blogger ambassador for Dollar General this year.  If you’ve been following me, then you know I’ve been a blogger ambassador with them since 2015 for their A Day Of Beauty event in Nashville.  Well this year, after being offered another chance to participate.  I sent them my rates and….nothing. Crickets.

I was a little disappointed at first and a little hurt that I didn’t even get a response back or even an offer to negotiate. But, I always live with the motto that when one door closes another even larger one opens.  

So I don’t really count that as a loss.  It’s just a… moving on. It’s business.   I’ve made some great connections because of my affiliation with the event.   I’ve gained readers and followers because of it.  I also managed to help other bloggers get paid to work the event for the past 2 years too.  So that was my biggest WIN.

Like I said, when 1 door closes another opens.  Then this happened !  You can find my latest beauty article in the Fall 2017 issue of Beauty Cents magazine !!!!  It’s available nationwide in select Dollar General stores.  I’m on pages 30-31.


BeautyCents Fall 2017 Magazine Issue | Naturally Stellar
My latest article is on pages 30-31 of BeautyCents Mag Fall 2017

My Readers Are So Dope

You know what makes me happy?  Well, besides my kids and hubby and life and biscuits and melted cheese. Oh and Target ! It’s when you guys respond to me on the blog or social media with stuff like this.  Remember my Butter Bread recipe from last fall?  One of my Twitter Stars saw it and made it.

If you’re on mobile and can’t see the Twitter image, here’s the link:

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