Mini Braids: Protective, Versatile & Sassy

Mini Braids: A Protective & Versatile Choice for Naturals

Mini braids, I can’t believe I haven’t worn these beauties in over 5 years!  Since I gave birth to my son over 5 years ago, I really haven’t had the time or patience to attempt installing these tiny beauties.

Mini Braids Winter Protective Styling | Naturally Stellar

My Mini Braids Have Made A Comeback

OK, it really was my lack of patience…I’m sure I had the time somewhere. To say they’re time-consuming to install is really an understatement, BUT every time I put them in they’ve been more than worth the sacrifice.

This time it took me about 8 1/2 hours to complete.   I feel like I’ve become faster at braiding too, because normally I have to spread it out over a few days, this time I only had to spread it over 2 nights to finish.  If I had a weekend day all to myself, I most likely would have finished on the same day.

What are mini braids?

It’s just as the name implies, they are micro-sized braids installed on natural hair.  No bulk braiding hair or extension hair is used. It’s a protective style and can be used to help with length retention & growth.  You also have the freedom to wash & deep condition your hair while the braids are in. You can heat-style your hair,  roller set it, rod set it, use curlformers, wear it straight or curly. It’s really versatile and  I’ve been doing it for close to 20 years.

Mini Braids Are A Great Protective Style | Naturally Stellar


I Used Braids To Transition From Relaxed Hair

I originally started wearing these back in 1995, when I decided to grow out my relaxed hair & return my hair back to its natural state.  

In the beginning, they were an easy fix to my relaxed hair problems & I was able to have the freedom to style my hair as I grew out my roots.  Later, it just became my style of choice because I had learned to care for my hair properly with braids in and my hair started growing like crazy because I was preventing myself from damaging it.

I’m gonna have to dig in the archives to see if I can find any pics to share with you…I was a little camera-shy back in the day.

Protective Styling With Mini Braids on Natural Hair | Naturally Stellar

Mini Braids and Twists Were My Signature Style

There was a time when it used to be a rare occasion to see me rocking my hair loose. Mini braids became my signature style.  I know you hear naturals now talk about protective, protective, protective, but I never really considered this a protective style back then. Naturals didn’t really have an online presence in the ’90s, and the term protective just wasn’t in my natural vocabulary yet.  Mini braids were just something I did to make my life a lot easier and keep me from damaging my hair.

Whenever I would wear my mini’s I always kept them in for MONTHS at a time.   The longest I’ve kept them in has been close to 6 months.  I would only take them out to straighten & trim. Then, I’d rock it loose for a bit and put them right back in again.

Mini Braids Can Be Styled In Many Ways | Naturally Stellar

Mini Braids on Shoulder Length Natural Hair | Naturally Stellar

Stay tuned to the blog for tips on installing & maintaining your mini braids.  Style Pics & My products of choice for my braids are also coming up soon.

Until Next Time Stars, Happy Protective Styling!



What kind of protective style are you rocking or planning on rocking this season?


  1. I love ur hair an have the same texture as yours it looks like what fod yo yuse for your ends to make it. Curly??? I was thinking of using. Curly mousse

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    1. 🙂 Thank You! My only bedtime maintenance is a quick leave in conditioner spritz and either wrap my hair in a satin scarf or just sleep on a satin pillowcase. Nothing fancy.

  3. So like Microbraids but with your hair and the ends are loose. I wish I had the patience to have this put on my head but I have way too much and it will take HOURS (or a day lol). I like it though!

    More women should rock this style!

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