Low Maintenance Houseplants Are My Jam!

Ever since Tennessee’s stay at home order went into effect, it seems like my desire to add onto my low maintenance houseplants fam keeps getting stronger.  Why is this? 

Houseplants for indoor peace and fresh air

Besides adjusting to our new life indoors and working to keep the air clean in our place, houseplants really give me a sense of peace.  Caring for them and sometimes just looking at them relieves a lot of stress for me.  How about you?  Do you find yourself buying more plants now?

I can’t seem to stop looking for new pretties to add to my collection. I mean, I’m also being tempted at the grocery store.  While most people walk in the store focused on filling their carts with essentials like toilet paper (’cause COVID-19), I find myself gravitating toward the floral department so I can check out all the houseplants lol.

To me, they’re essential!

Red Bromeliad flower (bracts)
My Guzmania Bromeliad is so bright and pretty

My Low Maintenance Houseplants Crew

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)  

I’ve had this plant for about 5 years now.  I love it because it’s super easy to grow. You’d have to basically have a black thumb to kill this plant.  It only needs medium light and to be watered/misted when the topsoil feels dry.  The leaves on this can get pretty dusty too! So, just wipe it down every once in a while.

ZZ Plants are super easy to care for. Great low maintenance houseplants
ZZ Plant – Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Then as it grows you can simply transfer it to a bigger pot.  The root of this is a big bulb, so it’s easy to transfer.

ZZ is a good low maintenance houseplant
ZZ Plants are really easy to care for.


ZZ Plants vary in sizes
ZZ plants can vary in sizes – my new leaf babies!


My mom gave me a clipping of her Pothos plant about a year ago and it’s basically been sitting in this jar since then.  I change out the water from time to time but I haven’t attempted to re-pot it.  It’s well overdue.  My next plant project this week is getting this into a container of its own.  Time to ditch the jar. 

Pothos plant roots soaking in water
My pothos plant is well overdue for planting.
New pothos plant leaves growing
New leaves sprouting

Mature pothos leave ready for propogating

Schefflera Arboricola – Umbrella Plant

I’ve had this lovely for about a year now.  I originally purchased it from Walmart’s garden center for $5 and some of the stalks died soon after I brought it home.  It became infested with fruit flies for some reason. They basically sucked the life out of it.   But, I was able to treat it in time to save what I could. 

Umbrella plants can still thrive in drier soil

Right now she thrives with medium light and just a little water from time to time.   This is one that needs to be transferred to a larger pot as it grows.

Close up of small umbrella plant


Guzmania Bromeliad

This is my newest addition.  I found her in Kroger’s flower department and she cost close to $19!  

Prior to buying this, I had no idea how to care for these plants.  I’ve just been eyeing them for the longest and seized my opportunity to grab one.  But, they’re actually pretty simple to care for and create offspring to carry on their legacy when they die.

Yeah, they will eventually die.  

Red Guzmania Bromeliads are low maintenance houseplants that are easy to care for.

These are the offspring or “pups” that the Bromeliad plant produces so when it withers and dies, it’s legacy can live on in a new beautiful plant!   

Mine happens to have 2 small pups growing on the side of it.

Bromeliad pups grow to carry on the plants legacy. These are offspring.

What’s Next On My Houseplant Wish List

  • Red Prayer Plant
  • Braided Bamboo Tree
  • Cane Plant
  • Potted Orchids



Which are your favorite houseplants? Drop a comment below!

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