Life Indoors Is Hard But We Can Do This

As I sit here eating my sloppy joe sandwich and steak fries, while simultaneously shopping Target online, I wanted to take a moment to say…hang in there. People all across this country and around the world have had/are having to forcefully adjust to a new way of daily life indoors and it’s HAAARRRD!    #NaturallyStellar #InspireEncourage

Life Indoors during stay at home order
Many of us are adapting to life indoors these days and it’s not easy.


My Old Life vs. The New Life Indoors

I didn’t really announce it but…I threw in the towel on Naturally Stellar at the end of September 2019.  I felt like my body and spirit were telling me it was time to halt EVERYTHING! 

My brother’s death anniversary was fast approaching. I also kept having a sinking feeling that my grandmother wasn’t gonna make it to see the new year.  Depression started creeping back into my life and I had insomnia. Pitching for brand collaborations was wearing me down. Plus, a big pile of other personal things that just were making life difficult for me and my family. 

Practice social distancing when outdoors
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I was exhausted, frustrated and mentally drained from the constant work involved with running a business (because yes, this is an actual business), being a work at home mom to 2 kids and an unpaid chauffeur for the family due to having one car.

I barely had any time to myself, to just be.

Fast forward to March 2020 and now we’re all being told to hunker down and stay indoors.  I wish ya’ll could have seen my face when the schools closed down. It was NOT pretty LOL!!

Life Indoors. Our new norm
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But I know that I can do this. 

I know that YOU can do this too.

Some of us are going through all kinds of crazy situations and circumstances that are beyond our control right now. But there is hope.

I have every faith that God is going to bring me and my family through this.  We’ll come out on the beautiful and joyful other side of this Coronavirus pandemic. 

Tips For Getting Through This The Safe and Healthy Way

  • Practice safe social distancing…everywhere
  • Call your family (ZOOM with them, FaceTime or whatever you have to do to stay in touch)
  • Check in on your friends (Virtually)
  • Get some fresh air and sunshine if you can
  • Stretch and exercise daily
  • Pray & meditate on things that are GOOD and positive
  • Laugh

I wanna hear from you. Let me know how you and your loved ones are doing with the stay at home order in your area. 


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How are you coping with your new life indoors?

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