Let’s Explore: Oceans VR Headset Mega Pack Giveaway

*Update – 9.16.21*  Unfortunately, this giveaways sponsor, Immotion VR, and their PR ( Agency Six ) has decided to ghost me and the winner of this giveaway.  They never sent out the prize. After 3 months of multiple emails to the agency and DM’s to the brand’s social media accounts teams, I haven’t received any follow-up from this brand OR my contact Simon, at Agency Six.

I will always make good on my promises. Even if that means paying out of my own pocket to cover the loss for my subscribers. But it’s brands and agencies like these that make bloggers/influencers stop collaborating on hosted giveaways with consumer brands.  With that said, I have decided to remove all sponsored links associated with this brand and will advise anyone that is reading this post…buyer beware.  I no longer endorse this brand or encourage you to buy.

Let's Explore: Oceans VR Headset review and giveaway | Naturally Stellar

It hasn’t sunk in yet that we officially have a TEENAGER in our house! My oldest just turned 13. In honor of his move to teenagehood, we would like to gift one lucky kid or teen with a Let’s Explore Oceans VR Headset Mega Pack by Immotion!

STEM Learning

I try to do whatever I can to keep my kids immersed in STEM or STEAM learning, especially through play. Science and technology are the current wave and wave of the future for these guys so I like to offer them a fun variety of tech to play with, to build their skills.

Let's Explore: Oceans VR Headset review and giveaway

What Is Let’s Explore: Oceans ?

Let’s Explore: Oceans is an immersive virtual experience in underwater exploration created by an awesome team of marine biologists, graphics artists, award-winning directors, cinematographers, underwater VR specialists, and scientists. 

Let's Explore: Oceans VR Headset review and giveaway

Your child (and you, because we know you like to play with their toys lol) will experience 360-degree virtual tours with underwater creatures such as sharks and seals.  Through the virtual goggles, they’ll be able to see what the divers and film crews see as they study magnificent animals and other marine life.

They’ll also have fun playing trivia games and other underwater augmented reality games like adventures with mythical sea monsters, mermaids, and even exploring a shipwreck. 

Let's Explore: Oceans VR Headset review and giveaway

Let's Explore: Oceans VR Headset review and giveaway | Naturally Stellar

I had a chance to try everything out for myself and it is really something! It’s so cool to be able to see a 360 view under the water. You can even turn around and see the cameraman holding his equipment! 

Once you adjust your headset, goggle view, and turn up the sound, you are ready to go. 

It takes a second to get used to the “feeling” and to figure out how to use your hands to select what you want to experience, on the cube. But you’ll soon get the hang of it. 

Let's Explore: Oceans VR Headset review and giveaway

This summer, give your kids something fun to do while filling their minds with information about ocean life. This is a great way to get them away from the TV screen.

To buy or to learn more about Let’s Explore: Oceans, click here: https://us.letsexplore.com/

Use My Special Code: VRoceans2021 for 20% off!


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Let\'s Explore: Oceans VR Headset Mega Pack Giveaway

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