LANEIGE K Beauty Luxury Skincare Review + Giveaway

“This post was created in partnership with LANEIGE as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review, but all opinions within are my own.”

Naturally Stellar is all about beauty and great skin care.  I’m especially passionate about products that work well with ethnic skin and can tackle the beauty issues we battle with. So today I’m sharing my experience using a new affordable luxury, K-beauty skin care line being sold on and in Target Stores.

LANEIGE Skincare K Beauty Review + Giveaway | Naturally Stellar

LANEIGE is an award-winning beauty brand who’s leading the Korean beauty movement right now with their “Power of 7” beauty regimen. If you’re not familiar with Korean beauty, in a nutshell, it’s a rigorous beauty regimen that includes many layered steps to achieve gorgeous flawless skin.  LANEIGE has perfected the K beauty routine by taking it down to 7 steps, including a step that works overnight to “revive” and one during the day to “protect” your skin.

The products are water based and use natural botanicals to take care of a wide range of skin care issues. LANEIGE uses Water Science technology to moisturize skin from the inside, at the cellular level to give you immediate visible results.

Let me ask you something. Have you ever tried a new product expecting magic to happen, so you tried it and *record scratch* nothing?  Well, that didn’t happen here.  Magic actually did happen for me and it happened the very first time I used one of these products.  I was completely floored.  That has NEVER…I repeat EVER happened to me before.

So basically…what had happened was (lol) … the first day that my products arrived I couldn’t wait to shoot my product shots or any of the other prep I do when I’m reviewing a product for you guys.   I had to hurry up and try this stuff out because I was itching to see what this K beauty madness is all about.   So I used the Multi Cleanser right away.  Now it claims that it’s supposed to melt away makeup.  So I tested it on a full face of makeup to see if it could actually handle removing all of my foundation, powders, gel liner, waterproof mascara, brow wax and eyeshadow.  


LANEIGE affordable luxury skin care | K Beauty| Naturally Stellar
Multi Cleanser – This cleanser will get you squeaky clean and remove resistant makeup.

I really love this cleanser!  The very first thing that I noticed after patting my face dry was that my complexion looked refreshed and bright.  My only caveat would be that it didn’t completely remove my super resistant gel eyeliner. That stuff is like permanent marker! But then again, there aren’t many products except for makeup remover or petroleum jelly that can do the job for that anyway, so no points off for that.  It removed everything else including my waterproof mascara, brow wax and lipstick.  You know that’s not an easy thing to do with cleansers.

LANEIGE Power of 7 Review - K Beauty | Naturally Stellar
Fresh faced me after washing and following the steps for moisturizing. No makeup, No filters.

I really like the consistency of this.  It’s not super sudsy, it’s more like a cream with low lather.  It also contains Papaya and a super fine exfoliant.  So if you have really sensitive skin or issues like acne breakouts, this is non-irritating, dermatologist tested and good for all skin types.


LANEIGE affordable luxury skin care | K Beauty| Naturally Stellar
Power Essential Skin Toner

I don’t regularly use a toner, but after trying this one I’m gonna make a point of it.  This was great for getting rid of any dead skin and cleaning up those areas around my hairline, ears, neck and decollete that I may have skipped or missed during cleansing. 


LANEIGE affordable luxury skin care | K Beauty| Naturally Stellar
Balancing Emulsion Moisturizer


Water Bank Serum
Water Bank Serum


Water Bank Gel
Water Bank Gel – This is the last step to your daily moisture routine. You only really need 1 scoop with the included spatula.
LANEIGE Power of 7 Review - K Beauty | Naturally Stellar
After moisturizing, close up


Water Sleeping Mask - Use 1 to 2 time per week overnight
Water Sleeping Mask – Use 1 to 2 times per week, overnight

For the nights when you use this, you’re gonna notice a huge difference in how your skin looks and feels by morning.

LANEIGE Power of 7 Review - K Beauty | Naturally Stellar
Skin prepped and ready for my makeup and spf protection.


LANEIGE affordable luxury skin care | K Beauty| Naturally Stellar
BB Cushion – Shade is Medium Dark and product is dispensed by a cushion saturated with BB cream with SPF 50+.

I kid you not, this is one of thee best BB creams I have ever tried.  It blends perfectly with my skin tone, there’s absolutely no irritation from the UV protection and it really covers well. The first day I used it, I applied it pretty heavily because I had blemishes that I didn’t want visible. Normally I cover blemishes with concealer. But by the 3rd or 4th day, I couldn’t even see many of my blemishes under even a light coat.  So this regimen really has shown me some immediate changes in the first week! 

LANEIGE Power of 7 Review - K Beauty | Naturally Stellar
I apply mine with my foundation brush first and then blend with the LANEIGE BB Cushion Sponge. I’m wearing, BB Cushion in Medium Dark.

In the morning, my skin just feels soft and supple.  It’s not super oily like I’m used to in the months between my LA peels.  I notice that my complexion is brighter (glowy) and my pores are visibly clear before I put on my makeup.  I haven’t had to use any concealer or additional foundation after the first few days.  This really covers it all for me.  I do continue to add a little pressed powder to my face though, mainly because I love a matte finish to my makeup. 

LANEIGE Power of 7 Review - K Beauty | Naturally Stellar
This color matched me perfectly and blended so well, it even matched my pressed powder! I’m floored by how great this goes on and stays throughout the day.


Another great benefit is I don’t have to use any other products with SPF when wearing my BB Cushion.  It has SPF 50+ already included in the coverage.

LANEIGE affordable luxury skin care | K Beauty| Naturally Stellar
BB Cream Compact – Love this compact and nice sized mirror for application!

It is so hard for me to choose a favorite from this line because I really have fallen in love with each one.  Like I said before, it is really rare for me to find skin care products that not only agree with my sensitive skin, but can tackle my specific issues like oiliness, breakouts and a dull complexion.   I’m also very pleasantly surprised that the BB Cream matched my skin tone exactly.  That almost never happens.

LANEIGE Power of 7 Review - K Beauty | Naturally Stellar
This is my final look for the day. I kept it summery and warm with a light application of pressed powder, blush, eyeshadow, a warm lippie, gel liner, mascara and touched up the brows with brow gel.

LANEIGE Power of 7 Review - K Beauty | Naturally Stellar


My Final Grade

This doesn’t happen very often.  Rarely do I find an entire line of skin care products that I can find no fault with.  What’s even more rare is finding luxury skin care products that work great on ethnic skin, are affordable and right on the shelves at a big box retailer.  Target has really been on point with their beauty brands lately and I am officially sold on LANEIGE products.  I never could have imagined being happy doing a multi-step skin care regimen, but after using these, I really do see the benefits of spending that extra time caring for my skin.  I’m positive you’ll hear me talking about these for quite some time, until you get sick of me lol.  LANEIGE…you get a much deserved A+ from me. 

Where To Buy

You can buy all that you see here and more online and in-store exclusively at Target (my favorite store btw – I’m in there every week and can’t stay away. But you already know that if you follow me 😀 )  

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Hey Stars, Do You Follow A Strict Skincare Regimen?

  1. I love a detailed beauty review! Never heard of the line but thanks for sharing and it looks real chic and professional!

  2. I did, but once I turned 35 my skin started changing, so I have to change with it and try a bunch of new products to see what works, which would be fun if my skin wasn’t so sensitive. But I will make due.

  3. So, I’ve never heard of this line of products. I’m not a big makeup girl, but these skincare products look awesome. Thanks for sharing your review. I’m going to check them out!

  4. Okay skin, it looks like a great group of products. I’m a minimalist when it comes to my routine. If it has to many working parts I won’t do them all. lol

    1. Mimi, I was the same exact way. I’m not doing more than washing and moisturizing and maybe a facial mask or scrub. These really changed my mind about that. Now I forget I’m doing a bunch of steps, it’s just a quick routine now.

  5. Your skin looks amazing! My skin is starting to break out. I haven’t been following a regime, so it’s time to get back at it. Thanks for sharing LANEIGE with us!

  6. I can’t get a skin care regimen in place that works to save my life. i think my hormones mess me up too. You skin looks awesome though!

  7. That is awesome that the entire product line worked well for you. I also love that it’s conveniently available at Target.

  8. Ooh good. I’ve seen this brand and wondered how it worked. The cleanser and BB cream sound like it’s right up my alley!

  9. Target is dangerous for me so I try to stay away lol. I’ve been seeing this brand online and I’m always down for a cleanser that’ll break down my makeup face so I definitely need to check them out. I’ll definitely be entering the giveaway thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Wow… I literally just saw this at target like about 15 minutes ago and was wondering… It looks interesting and I love the packaging. I grabbed the B B compact to give it a try. Thanks for the review!


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