Nashville Indoor Fun: 7 Reasons to Choose Lane Motor Museum Over the Movies

I’m always searching for rainy day & hot day alternatives to stay indoors with the fam without sacrificing our fun.  On a recent visit to Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, we encountered a fun spot off the beaten path where we spent hours immersed in nothing but vintage vehicles. *Hosted – I’d like to thank Lane Motor Museum for inviting us out for this experience

Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN | Naturally Stellar

Sometimes you have to switch it up a bit and do something more interesting than the same ole popcorn and a movie with the kids.

Tire them out with something fun and educational like a trip to Lane Motor Museum.

Here are 7 good reasons to ditch the movies for the motor museum. 

What You Can Expect

Lane Motor Museum Building Art | Naturally Stellar

1. Over 150 unique vehicles

Lane Motor Museum has so much to see. There’s a nice variety of microcars, amphibious vehicles, military vehicles, alternative fuel vehicles, prototypes, one-of-a-kind vehicles, and motorcycles.

Yellow 1958 Auto Union 1000 | Naturally Stellar
1958 Auto Union 1000

You’re not allowed to touch any of the exhibits but you can pose until your heart’s content and take in all of the beauty and ingenuity of the vehicles. 

Red Vintage Austin-Healey Sprite | Naturally Stellar
1960 – Austin-Healey Sprite – Lane Motor Museum/Nashville, TN


1938 Helicron | Naturally Stellar
1938 Helicron – Lane Motor Museum/Nashville, TN

They have interesting things to see from floor to ceiling. So don’t forget to look up!

Yellow Avid Catalina Aircraft | Naturally Stellar
Yellow Avid Catalina Aircraft – Lane Motor Museum/Nashville, TN | Naturally Stellar


Bicycle room in Lane Motor Museum | Naturally Stellar

Emelia Scareheart - Lane Motor Museum | Naturally Stellar
Emelia Scareheart (I named her) scared the crap out of me for real lol. I looked up and she was staring. Creepy!

2. Kids play area

Smaller kids (and big kid parents) will have a ball playing with toy cars, play fuel stations, activity tables and more.  I even got down on the floor and chased my kids around on a self-powered trike. They thought it was funny but I was just having some big girl fun.   

Kids Play Area Lane Motor Museum | Naturally Stellar


3. Clean and spacious bathrooms

I don’t’ care where you go to have fun with your kids. Bathrooms are always important and cleanliness is always a factor in whether or not I’ll bring my family back for another visit.  So when I encounter bathrooms that are super clean, like the ones at the motor museum, I tell people about them. 

So, pee in peace party people. 

Naturally Stellar visits Lane Motor Museum

4. Snack Area/Vending

When you feel it’s time for a little break there’s a nice vending machine area to sit down and have a drink or snack in. 

Subaru X-100 | Naturally Stellar
Subaru X-100 – Lane Motor Museum/Nashville, TN | Naturally Stellar

5. Vault tours

We missed the vault tour on our visit but it’s something that I’m looking forward to seeing on our next trip to the motor museum. 

I’d actually like to take this tour without my kids so that I can take my time learning about the cars and seeing how they maintain them.  I think it would be hard to keep both of my kid’s attention during that part.

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition- 2014 | Naturally Stellar
The Hubbs posing with a Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition- 2014 – Lane Motor Museum/Nashville, TN

6. Gift Shop

There’s a nice little gift shop in the lobby area before you head inside to the exhibit floor. They have a lot of car memorabilia, books about cars and model cars to choose from.

7. Photo opp in a vintage car

Taking a picture in this vintage car was one of our favorite highlights.  The museum even has a camera stand placed in front of the car in case you want to set your timer to snap your pic.  Or, you can simply ask a stranger to take it for you.  

Family photo in vintage car | Naturally Stellar

We had a really good time visiting Lane Motor Museum.  I’m looking forward to ditching the fam and coming back to do the vault tour on my own lol. 

The Deets

Admission$12 for adults. Seniors are $8. Ages 6 -17 is $3 and all kids under 5 are FREE.

Parking Free

Location 702 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN, 37210


I took so many pics and have so much video footage that it’s impossible to stuff it all in this post.  So expect to see more on my social spots and in future posts.  If you have any questions about our experience, the museum or whatever, leave a comment! 

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What are some of your favorite spots to have fun indoors? 


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