Keeping Family Time Simple This Summer

It’s not always about vacations and road trips. When it comes to family time I try really hard not to overthink things anymore. At the end of the day, all we really want and need is an opportunity to spend quality time together and create memories. That’s why I’m keeping it simple this Summer. If you need help keeping it simple, here are a few things to keep in mind this season.

Keeping Family Time Simple This Summer | Naturally Stellar #parenting #RockStarMoms

Our No Frills Family Time

I don’t care where you live. In almost every metro area across this country, there’s some form of park space, outdoor area or playground to be enjoyed. 

Keeping Family Time Simple This Summer - Kids Playing | Naturally Stellar

Everyone in my family can benefit from some fresh air and exercise. So, I try to hit up parks and playgrounds weekly to let the kids blow off steam and to take advantage of the walking paths and swings (places I like to chill with the Hubbs).

Keeping Family Time Simple This Summer - Walking with Dad | Naturally Stellar


Evening walks are my personal favorite. I like to head out as soon as the temperature starts to drop. If we’re lucky enough to catch a good breeze, that’s even better!

Keeping Family Time Simple This Summer - Tennessee State Museum | Naturally Stellar


Keeping Family Time Simple This Summer - The Bicentennial Carillon Bells | Naturally Stellar
Sitting and listening to the Carillon Bells in Bicentennial Park (Nashville, TN) is so relaxing in the summer evenings.

I try to keep things in the car that we might need for spontaneous moments. Things like sidewalk chalk, balls, picnic blankets and bottled water for washing our hands. I keep an umbrella stroller handy for those moments when I know we’ll be going on long walks. 

Keeping Family Time Simple This Summer - Chicco Stroller | Naturally Stellar
Our Chicco stroller has been through it ALL with us. Sis is starting to look a little tired.

Try To Keep It Simple

Here are some things that you can do to keep things simple in your family. 

Step 1 Start out by creating a Google list of nearby parks and playgrounds.   

Step 2 Next, create a running list of things you can do on the fly, as a family.  If you’re suffering from brain fog at the moment I started a list for you below. It’s just 10 simple things to do to get you out of the house so you can create new family memories this Summer. Don’t overthink it. Just do it.

Keeping Family Time Simple This Summer - Toddler Picking Flowers| Naturally Stellar
Picking flowers is her favorite pastime.

Simple Summer Family Activities

Step 3 – Pick an activity

  • Take advantage of summer outdoor movies
  • Have picnics in the park
  • Family walks and hikes in the park
  • Play frisbee or catch with the kids
  • Have outdoor races
  • Jog together
  • Bike together (rent bikes if needed)
  • Enjoy a splash park together or create your own with a simple hose in your front or backyard
  • Go on a self-guided tour of historical landmarks in your area
  • Go for a stroll together in metro downtown or down your nearest town/village’s “main street”.

Keeping Family Time Simple This Summer - Nashville Park Stairs | Naturally Stellar

Getting some much-needed family time doesn’t mean the moments have to be glamorous or curated for the gram. They don’t even need to be planned to perfection. They just need to be meaningful. 

These kids like to explore ev-ery-thang!

Hope this helped somebody today. Let’s talk more in the comments (today’s question is below) and you are always free to chat with me on Instagram.

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