How To Sign Up Or Easily Switch Hosting To SiteGround

Choosing the right web host is one of the most important steps to running a successful website.  If you’re unfamiliar with what web hosting is, here’s what it is in a nutshell. Basically, your web host provides the technical services to make your site visible on the internet.  They “host” or store your site on servers (computers) and provide the connection for other computers to be able to access the files (content) on your site. *This post contains affiliate links. Full Disclosure

How To Sign Up Or Switch Hosting To SiteGround | Naturally Stellar

They also provide other services like email, site monitoring, speed enhancement, e-commerce solutions, e-marketing and security.

If you are just starting out with a new site, you’re gonna be so grateful you landed on this post.  Trust me.  Many of us had to learn the hard way that going for the cheapest web hosting deal or bundle, isn’t always the best option. That’s why we need good advice to guide us and recommendations on who to go with when we decide to switch hosting.

I thought it would be helpful to tell people who my new host is and why I chose to make the switch.

Why I Switched My Hosting To SiteGround

I recently made the switch from InMotion hosting to SiteGround. I grew tired of the amount of downtime my site was having with InMotion. Sometimes my site would be down for hours or even DAYS at a time, with no notice from my host.  This year was the worst. I’ve had to deal with server crashes, slow site speeds, crowded servers and low thresholds for bandwidth.  I just got tired of having to monitor my site almost daily for issues.

Because I power my site with WordPress and installed Jet Pack, I at least received some form of notification to help me monitor my site vs. having to manually check it everyday. But enough was enough.  I can’t run a business and spend my days monitoring whether or not my site is visible or accessible to people.  I need a host that’s reliable and suits my needs for a growing site.

The main things that are important to me are email, site speed and bandwidth.  I need a host I can grow with, that is affordable and available 24/7, should I need assistance.

How to Sign Up or Switch Hosting To SiteGround

First you need to determine which web hosting plan will be best for your site.  If you’re just starting out with a new blog or website, you may want to choose the basic plan.  You can always upgrade at a later time if your traffic starts to increase, or you require more bandwidth and security for content heavy sites such as e-commerce, blogs, news mags etc.

How To Sign Up Or Switch Hosting To SiteGround | Naturally Stellar

Choose Your Domain Name or Use Your Existing One

Next, you’ll need to choose the domain name you’ll want to buy for your new site.  If you are simply switching hosts, you can just select “I already have a domain” at this point.  Keep in mind that SiteGround will transfer your site for FREE.  Meaning, you don’t have to pay anyone to transfer over your site files, emails, databases etc.  They do it all for you.  For FREE.

Oh and it’s even easier if you already are coming from a host that uses cpanel. The transfer is seamless.

How To Sign Up Or Switch Hosting To SiteGround | Naturally Stellar


Review Your Services

The last step to getting set up with your new host is to review your services and read through the terms of service.

SiteGround offers some great introductory rates for hosting fees.  Unlike some other hosts that only offer lower rates if you select the longest period of service, SiteGround’s discounts apply to whatever plan you choose.   Everyone gets a great deal on the introductory period.  Plus, they throw in the FREE website transfer and you get 1 year FREE SSL Site Certificate added on.   This is VERY beneficial for protecting your customers/viewers financial data and sensitive information while on your site.

If you’re satisfied with your selected services, just click the “Pay Now” button and you’re on your way!

How To Sign Up Or Switch Hosting To SiteGround | Naturally Stellar

It’s really that simple.


Site Migration and My Experience After Moving

Site migration was pretty easy.  After I submitted my request to transfer, it took about 4-5 hours to complete moving over all of my files and then pointing my domain to the new server (which I had my web guy do).

Since I made the switch, my site reaction time is noticeably faster.  I tested it on my son’s new laptop since there’s no cache of my site on his computer and it loads super fast.  I also used Google Page Speed Insights to check my site speed.  Blog updates on my back-end, which used to load annoyingly slow, are now quick.

I hope this post was helpful to you, if you have any more questions about my SiteGround experience or about the process of switching, drop them in the comments below and I’ll answer them asap.

How To Sign Up Or Switch Hosting To SiteGround | Naturally Stellar

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