How to Master Being Content Like A Boss

I’ve gone through a lot of sometimes scary or just plain horrible things in my life. I’ve also experienced some great, joyful & very plentiful times. The one thing that I have concluded through both the good & the bad is how important it is to learn how to be content. It’s not easy to do and requires some creativity get there, but if you can tap into contentment, it can save you a whole lot of time & punishment.

How To Master Being Content | Naturally Stellar


Being content doesn’t mean you’re happy with the present situation or circumstances. It simply means that you have mastered the art of being fine, no matter what the current conditions may be. You have the tools & know-how to live through the difficult.

Here are my 5 steps to help you master being content

Appreciate what you have

Don’t dwell on what you don’t have or haven’t accomplished yet. Stop torturing yourself by coveting things that other people possess. You know, things like lucrative jobs, thriving businesses, nice cars, houses or the lifestyle you may desire. Try to focus on the things you do have and things that are currently within your grasp. Make the most out of them. 

As much as you can, work your current job in excellence and treat it like it’s top-notch. Take care of your current car, treat it like it’s the one you want.  Make your home or apartment feel like the place of your dreams.  

Remember, there will always be someone else out there wishing, hoping and praying for the very things you have & take for granted. See the potential YOU have and be grateful for it all.  

Don’t live in the past

Constantly thinking about what you used to have or used to do, good or bad, can lead to problems in your present. Concentrate on the now, on today and plan for the future.

Count your blessings

I mean this literally.  Write them down and number your blessings. Your accomplishments. Loved Ones. Your job. Your business. Your skills. Let this be a constant reminder to you at those times when you may be feeling low or unsure of yourself and your life. Sometimes it’s hard to see that the good, at most times, really does outweigh the bad.

How To Master Being Content | Naturally Stellar

Don’t be a cry baby

I mean sometimes a good cry can be healthy and a way to relieve some stress, but remember, it’s ok to laugh too. At yourself. At life.  If you can’t find the humor or can’t laugh, what other option is there?  Sulk? Get depressed? Cry?

Turn on some Netflix, YouTube or some Laugh Out Loud and get your laugh on.  It’ll make you feel better. It’s good for your soul and your body. Laugh hard enough and you just might get in some ab work for the day, or pee your pants, depending on kegel strength.

Stop complaining

Complaining about things never changes anything. It simply leaves you in anger, resentment or confusion. Instead of complaining, why not express what you’re grateful for? What’s good? How can you make the issue or situation better?  Stop talking about it and be about it! Try to do something to make a change or correction.

Well Stars, I hope these tips will help you learn to master being content.  If any of these resonates with you, let me know!

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Do you feel it’s possible to be content?
  1. I am learning to count my blessings it so easy to be upset or dwell on the the things I don’t have or what I want but if I look at how blessed I am, I have no choice buy to b grateful.

  2. I need to count my blessings a bit more. While I’ve not where I want to be, I can’t forget how far I’ve already come. I need to celebrate my incredible growth.

  3. Great tips! As a single woman, I wrestle with contentment at times. And I absolutely have to laugh at myself sometimes for getting so bent out of shape over things, especially if I have no control over them! Contentment is necessary….it makes life more tolerable and enjoyable, and contentment will eventually breed joy and happiness that will attract great people and things into your life!

  4. I Do feel it’s possible to be and remain content even in some of the craziest moments of life. I do it with many of the same tips you give here. For me focusing on the good of things (because there is always some good) helps me get through the bad. Great post – I truly enjoyed it.

  5. I simply love all of these tips on being content. I am actually in the process of actually putting these things into practice in my life. I really love that you mentioned appreciating what you have, counting your blessings, and not complaining these things are key with choosing to be content!

  6. Great tip! As someone living with a chronic auto immune disease I have to remember how blessed I really am. Being content and living in the moment is something people really need to find the importance in. Life’s too short!

  7. Yes, All of this! I would add, avoid people who are complaining, because you could be on your journey to being content and they want to be miserable around you. Great tips!

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