How to Make Your Christmas Card Stand Out This Year

Behind New Years, Christmas is the second most celebrated holiday in the world. The bells roll out, trees are decorated, the winter air turns fresh and crisp, pine trees stand erected in living rooms, and the mood is merry—signifying a beautiful time waiting patiently around the corner. Families come together, loved ones finally spend time with those they miss most, and it’s always a celebration. This festive time fills the hearts of billions with joy.

How To Make Your Christmas Card Stand Out | Naturally Stellar

One of the hallmarks of Christmas, however, begins before it arrives with the preparation of the Christmas card. The Christmas card is a lovely representation of a family gifting someone they love with, well, more love. If you’re looking to make your Christmas card stand out this year, read on.

How To Make Your Christmas Card Stand Out | Naturally Stellar

Use A Seal

Gone are the days of penmanship and letters. Today, people are connected digitally, meaning most of us have eyes on each other—at least to some extent. People aren’t two weeks away by mail, or even separated by a phone call. They’re as far as a written digital message. Old-fashioned letters (if they haven’t already) are quickly becoming a thing of the past, but you can nostalgically revive this lost art form. What better way to make your Christmas card stand out than sealing your envelope with traditional wax? Further, what if this seal was a family crest or something that represents you, the sender?

Make It Handwritten  

Want to know how to save ink when printing your Christmas cards? Create a base template that allows you to personalize a handwritten message in each and every card. Not only will this save your printer cartridges, but it’ll also personalize each Christmas card to an extent that, perhaps, your recipient might be led to believe that you only sent a select few, sincere cards. This further plays into the romanticism of the last suggestion.  

How To Make Your Christmas Card Stand Out | Naturally Stellar

The Winter Smell

If you opened a Christmas card only to smell the full aroma of winter, your senses would immediately signal the coming of such a splendid holiday. Pick up a winter scent and add a little fragrance to your Christmas card. They say that smell triggers memory. Not only will classic pine aromas conjure memories of seasons past, but it’ll also help solidify a place in your recipient’s mind. This touch could certainly give your card the unique quality you’re looking for.

It’s All in The Details

Think about incorporating certain life details into the note you write. Perhaps include an update on the family, your child’s first words, a plan you have for the future, or any little note to give your card that personal edge. Your loved ones will love to hear about any news in your life—at least more so than a generic season’s greetings—and will probably call to follow-up on details, as well as thank you for the sweet card.

More Photos Than Expected

We know the format of the quintessential Christmas card: the family is dressed in festive garb, perhaps with their dog or furry family members, and they’re all ornately posing in front of some background. Think about being original and shaking up this standard template. Incorporate the usual family photo your loved ones are eager to see but add in a few extras that showcase your personality. Be silly, add props, showcase a major milestone, or include anything that adds another layer and makes your card stand out from the rest.

How To Make Your Christmas Card Stand Out | Naturally Stellar

Design an Envelope

When things are in harmony with design, they tend to leave a lasting impression. While efforts are typically spent in designing the card itself, the envelope is usually neglected—and your card’s exterior is your first impression! Try to think of the entire setup (envelope and the contents inside) as one piece that, if you can swing it, complement each other. Create a design for your envelope that’s both personal inviting, then let the inner contents serve as the cherry on top. Sure, you can go for the plain white envelope, but showcasing some personality with a whimsical design, or simply addressing someone by their unique nickname, is a surefire way to make your Christmas card stand out from the get-go.

Christmas cards are a wonderful way to tell your loved ones you’re thinking about them. Push aside formalities and pour some creativity into these winter hallmarks, adding to an already special letter that comes once a year.

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