Her Business Spotlight | Shatava Lindsey of Ourglass Collection and Runway Boutique

Today’s Her Business spotlight is shining bright on a Nashville & Atlanta-based custom clothier, who focuses on flattering all figures. Her boutique may be a bit new to Nashville, but she’s a fashion vet to Atlanta.  I hope this interview inspires you to get out there, take risks and pursue your passions. Lets welcome our guest to share #HerBusiness !

Shatava Lindsey, CEO Ourglass Collection | Naturally Stellar

Introduce yourself to our readers.  What is your role or title and how long have you been in business

Hello, my name is Shatava Lindsey and I am the owner of OURGLASS COLLECTION, a custom clothing brand based out of Atlanta, GA and Runway Boutique – Nashville, a new women’s clothing retail boutique carrying Celebrity Inspired fashion designs. I am originally from Chattanooga, TN. I developed a love for fashion at an early age but it was not until college at Tennessee State University that I truly realized I needed to step into fashion to solve problems associated with women finding quality clothing that will fit them like no other. Before I started my custom clothing line, OURGLASS COLLECTION, I would spend hours trying to find nice clothes to fit me, one because of my figure, and two based off what I could afford. After growing completely frustrated with trying to find great clothing that I liked, I decided to create my own brand and have my own store where I can provide affordable clothing to fit everyone, whether handmade or simple quality boutique items. Now that both brands are here, I’m working overtime to spread the word! 
Her Business Spotlight - Ourglass Collection/Runway Boutique | Naturally Stellar

 What is it about your business that sets you apart from your competition?

My business in unique because not only do we hand-pick each clothing item that we carry, we also pride ourselves in the ability to create custom designs based on an individual’s preference, body shape, and size. You can visit Runway Boutique to shop our boutique designs, or if you want to be a little more creative, create your own custom handmade design from my custom brand, OURGLASS COLLECTION.

What motivated you or inspired you to start your boutiques?

I started both my companies for 2 different reasons. OURGLASS COLLECTION was created more out of need. Being a curvy woman, it is so hard to find quality clothing that fit.  I sought to create a fashion brand where women of all sizes could purchase clothing items and feel confident about their purchase. The vision of OURGLASS came about because I wanted to create my own unique brand, utilizing quality fabrics that would fit a woman like no other. 

I started Runway Boutique – Nashville because it was a great way to expand my personal brand to a brick and mortar store. I am also truly into fashion, not only my designs, but the designs of others so I wanted to carry my line along with other nice affordable clothing that women would love. In the store, I keep quality designs, ranging in sizes so women can find something they feel comfortable in.


What fashion problems do your businesses solve?

I try to solve 2 issues:
1. The ability for women to find quality, affordable clothing that fits them and they feel good about. 
2. The ability to create custom designs so that women will feel they have something hand-made just for them. It’s one thing, to buy an item in a store that everyone else can buy. But, it’s another thing if you can have a one of a kind garment created just for you. 

What do you feel are some of your biggest challenges as an entrepreneur?

One of the biggest challenges I face as an entrepreneur is letting go. When you’re starting a business, especially in the beginning, it’s all about doing as much as you can on your own. Entrepreneurs tend to think they can do everything, which is crazy! It may be okay in the beginning, but it will take you so much longer to achieve what you are seeking to achieve. Because I know this, I look to find people who are great at what they do to assist me so that we can grow and become great together. Whether it is marketing, finance, a technical skill, whatever. I can not do all, and I have accepted that. But I know my strengths and I get help where my weaknesses are. 

What piece of advice, that you wish someone had given to you early on, would you give to anyone looking to start their own business today?

Starting a business is about sacrifice. If you seriously want to become an entrepreneur, you will sacrifice soooo much. I can not stress that enough. You will have to come second to a lot of things. Also, every day will not be a great day. One day you may feel like you have accomplished everything and things are so smooth. The next day or week may be horrible and you really have to push your self to keep going. Motivate yourself and understand that you can actually do this. It’s best to surround yourself with people who are doing the same thing because they understand what you are going through and can possibly offer some advice. 

What do you enjoy the most about having your own business?

I really enjoy the ability to meet and converse with women and fulfill a need. Women are always looking for the latest hot item and I feel great when I am able to provide that right outfit for them. I love meeting new people, supporting other business owners and the ability to give back to the community. 

For more info about Ourglass Collection or Runway Boutique, check them out on social or call the Nashville boutique for your next fashion fix. 

Instagram: @ourglasscollection @shoprunwayboutique

Facebook:  Ourglasscollection   Runway Boutique Nashville

Phone:       615-933.8580

Thanks Shatava for sharing your business and experience as an entrepreneur with us.  You’re such an inspiration and I’m so glad to have another cool boutique to check out in Nashville.

So if you’re in the Nashville area, get out to Antioch and check out Runway Boutique.  To sweeten your shopping experience Shatava is offering you all a nice discount on your first order from her shop. 

Use coupon code: FIRSTORDER online or print this offer to take in-store for 15% off your first order from Runway Boutique.  

Her Business Spotlight - Runway Boutique Use coupon online or in-store | Naturally Stellar


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