Hair Paint Wax : My Latest Natural Hair Experiment + Tutorial Video

I feel like I’ve been on hiatus with my hair for the last 6 months. Part of that is due to being exhausted from work and mom life. Some days I just don’t have it in me to get all fancy with this head.  I’m tired ya’ll.  Then the other part is a lack of time to do anything more than slapping a wig on this joint or throwing it up in a bun.

Hair Paint Wax : My Latest Natural Hair Experiment | Naturally Stellar

Today I wanted to share my latest hair experiment thanks to those peer pressure autoplay videos on my Instagram. I’ve been wanting to dabble with some color again but I’m not ready to go back to permanent coloring. My hair seems to thrive on ayurvedic treatments like henna.  So I’m staying away from chemical color for now. But when I saw that I could add temporary colors with hair paint, I started doing my YouTube University research and looking up brands that had good reviews.

I came across Hair Paint Wax and decided to give it a try. Have you seen or heard of hair paint wax?

Hair Paint Wax : My Latest Natural Hair Experiment | Naturally Stellar

Hair Paint Wax : My Latest Natural Hair Experiment | Naturally Stellar

Hair Paint Wax

Whether you have or haven’t, today I’m sharing the good the bad and the ugly about the process and my recommendations for its various uses.  So if you have any questions or comments about this post please feel free to add them in the comment section and I’ll respond asap ok?

First thing you should know about hair paint wax is that it is a super temporary coloring product for all hair types. So hair can be relaxed, natural or loc’d to use this.  You can apply it to damp or dry hair. It really all depends on what you want your finished style to be.  So take that into consideration before use.


What Is Hair Paint Wax?

Depending on what brand you buy, the ingredients may vary.  The product I’m using in this post is an all natural mixture of waxes, oils and mica colorant. It’s available in Blue, Gold, Green, Silver, Red, White, Black, Purple, Orange, Aquamarine, Yellow and Pink. The feel and consistency is very similar to a light hair grease or melted lipstick. That’s the best way for me to describe the actual texture of it.

How do you apply it?

You apply the product just as you would use styling cream. However you need to be sure that your hair is freshly washed, conditioned and layered with a good leave-in BEFORE applying the hair paint wax. I opted to detangle and section my hair to make the process easier. I highly recommend doing this if your hair is really dense or long.

You can style your hair by setting it and letting it air dry or with a hairdryer.  You cannot and should not use heat appliances like curling irons or flat irons with this product. Hooded hair dryers are fine but no heat tools should be applied directly to any parts of your hair that have hair paint wax on it.

How Long Does Hair Paint Wax Last?

It’s recommended to leave it on only for a few days at a time.

Hair Paint Wax : My Latest Natural Hair Experiment | Naturally Stellar

My Hair Paint Wax Experience

I chose to go with red. My first impression when applying the product to my hair was that the process is really messy. As with any other hair color application, it’s probably best to use gloves with this.  I did not and I regret it. This stuff got everywhere so my advice is to take care to cover any surfaces you don’t want to have to clean up. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting messy in and use your sink to toss all of your hair tools and clips into immediately after setting your hair.

Hair Paint Wax : My Latest Natural Hair Experiment | Naturally Stellar

The hair paint wax glided easily through my hair so it was a pretty quick application from start to finish.

Once I was satisfied with the amount of color in my hair I decided to set it with rods and dried it under my Gold n Hot bonnet dryer on medium heat.

Hair Paint Wax : My Latest Natural Hair Experiment | Naturally Stellar
Quick rod set done using hair paint wax. Dries evenly.

Let’s not talk about how my dryer tubing decided to break halfway through. I’ve had this bonnet dryer for years ya’ll. I seriously wanted to cry.

Hair Paint Wax : My Latest Natural Hair Experiment | Naturally Stellar

After drying I took out the rods and tied up my hair for the night with 2 headscarves, just in case. In the morning, I separated the curls and styled my hair as usual. But again, my hands were covered in red while styling. I also noticed some flakiness and could see product sitting on top of my hair. 

Hair Paint Wax : My Latest Natural Hair Experiment | Naturally Stellar

The color was beautiful though and my hair actually felt bouncy and moisturized. 

For those that may be wondering about color fade. This stuff does fade and you will get some transfer if your hair rubs against surfaces. I don’t care how many YouTubers and Instagrammers say it doesn’t transfer.  It absolutely does. Not excessively. But it does transfer onto clothing (collars especially), skin and hands if you like to play in your hair throughout the day as I do.

I recommend keeping your hair in an updo or a style that keeps it away from your clothes or face. Also, try not to touch it too much. 

I managed to keep my hair color in for 3 days and probably could have kept it in a bit longer but I was tired of the staining.  Once it got to my favorite satin pillowcase I was done. Now I have a love/hate relationship with this product. 

Pros And Cons of Hair Paint Wax?


  • Beautiful vibrant color
  • Dries evenly
  • Pleasant smell
  • Inexpensive
  • No dripping
  • No texture changes
  • Temporary color


  • Staining and color transfer
  • Quick fading
  • Short term wear
  • Some flaking

Hair Paint Wax : My Latest Natural Hair Experiment | Naturally Stellar

My recommendations for using hair paint wax

Hair paint wax is best for those that enjoy temporary color changes or those of us that simply like having fun with our hair.  Teens would love these. Grown women would love these.

I do not recommend doing an all over color application due to the amount of transfer I experienced. If that’s not an issue for you, go for it! It’s great for photo shoots, but if you care about your hair color rubbing off on your clothing, bedding, boyfriend/husband or favorite satin pillowcase, don’t do it.

I do recommend this for adding sections of color to styles or for colorful accent pieces.

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    1. It really was a lot of fun to try! I love switching my styles up and trying new hair products. This was an experience I’d try again but with smaller color sections.

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