My kid graduated from the imagination library book program!

I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad about this one lol. Graduating from the Imagination Library book program means that she has aged out and will no longer receive free books each month.  But it also means that she has achieved something great like knowing how to read at 4 years old!

Graduating the Imagination Library | Naturally Stellar

Graduating The Imagination Library Book Program

I’m not genuinely sad.  It’s just that nostalgic feeling that I’m sure most parents have when their kids reach milestones and you realize how much they’ve grown.

Then, you want them to start growing backward to being an infant again. 

No?? It’s just me that feels that way?


Imagination Library Graduation | Naturally Stellar

Well, it’s still an exciting time for us.  She’s also turning 5 this month and starting Kindergarten next month. So, I’m really happy that she’s mastered reading a LOT of words, sentences, and whole easy reader books just in time for school.

I’m so proud of her accomplishment and her love for reading now. 

This month marks the last month Saigey will receive any more books from the Imagination Library book program. When kids graduate, they get a personalized message from Dolly Parton and a cool final book. Here’s the one we got in the mail this month. 

Final Book From Imagination Library Book Program | Naturally Stellar

Dolly Parton Signature Imagination Library Book Program | Naturally Stellar

If you’re curious about what the Imagination Library book reading program is all about, read this post and sign up for this or any of the other book programs mentioned. There’s something in there for all age groups. 

Free Books For Babies, Toddlers and PreSchoolers

From A Speech Impairment to A Whole Reader

I remember not too long ago I was on this same blog crying about how my Saige couldn’t speak or utter words when we figured out that she had a speech impairment. 

Since then she’s been going hard in private speech classes and then even harder once she enrolled in Pre-K last year. That’s when she started getting group speech assistance from her public school’s Speech Pathologist. 

Thanks to Dolly my kid graduated the Imagination Library Book Program | Naturally Stellar
Me and my baby reading her last book from the Imagination Library!

My daughter still has an IEP for speech in school and will continue to have speech lessons but I’m so over the moon that my baby is able to read library books on her own now!

She’s so excited about becoming an even better reader. So,  I can’t do anything but keep encouraging her to do more. Thank you Dolly Parton for all of the incredible books!



At what age did YOU start reading? Do you even remember that far back lol?

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