Late Fall Fashion Hauls: Ross + Target

Do you like shopping for fall fashion? I’m always amazed at the number of women I encounter who HATE clothes shopping! There was a time when I would have thought it’s just not possible. But it’s true. Busy women are looking for shopping solutions, tips and inspiration to help them shuffle through the decision process. 

Fall Clothing Haul Ross + Target | Naturally Stellar

So I decided to share a little bit of my closet, what I like to shop for and how I do it smarter than I used to.  Here are my go-to stores for finding the best deals on seasonal fashions. 

Ross Is Boss

Don’t sleep on Ross! I find a lot of good stuff in Ross. It’s very rare that I leave a Ross store without picking up something great.  On my last visit, I hit up the accessories department for a couple of new bags and some shoes. 

I’m all about function.  Trends are cool, but function rules for me.  I need stylish bags with a lot of compartments and room for my grab and go items.  Unfortunately, we live in an era of political/racial craziness, so I love a good outside pocket to carry my ID just in case.  I hate that I have to think about stuff like that when buying my bags but it’s reality.

I picked up 2 cross body bags. 1 medium and 1 small red one for a nice pop of color.

Fall Clothing Haul: Ross + Target + Burlington | Naturally Stellar

Fall Clothing Haul: Ross + Target + Burlington | Naturally Stellar

I prefer wearing cross body bags not just for style but for function and safety.  People think twice about swiping your bag if it’s draped across your body.  A thief is gonna have to work for his living when it comes to my bags lol. 

Before I came into Ross, I was focused on finding some comfortable sneaks. But, I saw these leather shoes by Indigo Rd. and I had to have them. 

Fall Clothing Haul: Ross + Target + Burlington | Naturally Stellar

I never leave a clothing department without looking through the clearance section. There’s always a hidden gem sitting there waiting for me. Like this bustier I found.  It’s really a junior’s size top but I plan on wearing it over a simple fitted tee, like a vest. It stretches and fits well over my chest so it’s a keeper.  It was only $1.49. 

Fall Clothing Haul Ross + Target | Naturally Stellar

The shaper you see below was from Burlington for $9.99.  Next up were these dope stretchy culottes. I picked these because I can pair them with knee-high boots or booties. They look great with a simple solid sweater or a tee and blazer. 

Fall Clothing Haul Ross + Target | Naturally Stellar

Target Fall Fashion Finds

I was able to get my tees with $2 off when you buy 2. These are really breathable, super comfortable and they look great.  I love a good V neck too.

I really love these A New Day tees because they have a lot of stretch to them and they really flatter curves. Since I’m curvier now ( I gained a good 20 lbs since this time last year – but more about that later) I pay close attention to how my clothes drape and what fabrics I wear.  

I also tend to dress pretty casually during the work week. So jeans and a nice tee or sweater is what you’ll normally catch me wearing.

BabbleBoxx Makeovers and Takeovers | Naturally Stellar
Sheer floral duster – Ross,  A New Day Short Sleeved Tee – Target,  Light Wash Denim – Old Navy,  Shoes – Zane Navy by Earth Brands Shoes
  • Sheer floral duster – Ross
  • A New Day Short Sleeved Tee – Target
  • Light Wash Denim – Old Navy
  • Shoes – Zane Navy by Earth Brands Shoes

So I got the short-sleeved ones for $8 each (now on sale for $6) and then I bought the long-sleeved one’s on a different day and got them at 2 for $18 due to the sale.

Wanna hear a secret? I tell people this all the time and I promise you will thank me for it.  Yo. go. buy. some Denizen jeans at Target! I’m telling you. Denizen will have your whole waist snatched and booty looking like Hostess cakes. I don’t care how many lumps or bumps you have, those jeans fit like a glove and will have you looking like a new woman.  

I don’t even waste time searching for jeans anymore. I already know where I’m buying them. They have all the cuts and styles too.

What’s your take on shopping?  Do you like doing it or would you prefer having your own personal shopper? If I had my way, I’d love to have a personal stylist to shop and pull pieces for my Monday through Friday.  

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