Face Mask Fridays: My Top 2 FaceTory Sheet Masks

I decided to try something new on the blog. That is, dedicating specific days of the week to topics.  So, starting this month, Fridays will be dedicated to Beauty. I’m kicking things off by sharing about 2 of my favorite FaceTory sheet masks. *At no cost to you, I receive a small commission if you make a purchase through the links in this post.

Face Mask Fridays - My top 2 picks from FaceTory | Naturally Stellar

Never Enough Sheet Masks

I am a sheet mask junkie. Seriously. My face mask stash is no joke. In all my years of searching for the perfect skincare products to tackle my specific skin issues, nothing compares to the results I get when using sheet masks. And, K-beauty masks are the BEST!!

There are sheet masks for pretty much every beauty problem out there.

My Top 2 FaceTory Sheet Masks

I’ve talked about FaceTory in some prior posts, and ever since I came across the brand I’ve become a huge fan.  Mostly, because they have such a wide variety of face masks and skincare products readily available in subscription boxes. But if you don’t like subscribing to boxes for your skincare you can also buy any item that you like on their website.

*Use my code STELLAR15 to get 15% off when you purchase from FaceTory*

This isn’t the only place or brand where I score great sheet masks.  I also often find great deals at:  

  • Marshalls
  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Grocery Stores (Specifically, Kroger)  

Here are my top 2 picks for sheet masks by FaceTory. I’ve been using both of these masks for over a year now with great results.

Bright Be You – Gold Foil Mask

FaceTory 5 pack Be Bright Be You sheet masks | Naturally Stellar

This is my #1 favorite sheet mask. My top reason? The serum.  It is phenomenal!! That’s why I love using these right before bed. I get instant results and by morning my pores are still diminished and my skin looks amazing.

FaceTory Be Bright Be You Sheet Mask Ingredients | Naturally Stellar

Other pros with this one are that it’s really sturdy. You can’t easily rip it. Also, the gold outer layer holds in moisture for the entire time you’re wearing it.  While most masks tend to dry out by the time you’re ready to take them off, this one does not. 

Facetory Be Bright Be You gold foil mask application | Naturally Stellar
Be Bright Be You Sheet Mask – FaceTory | Naturally Stellar

Glow Baby Glow

This is a 2 step mask that comes with an Ampoule, to be applied before your sheet mask. Ampoules act as boosters to your skincare products.  

FaceTory Glow Baby Glow Sheet Masks | Naturally Stellar

Keep in mind that Glow Baby Glow isn’t a mask that you’d want to use daily. But, it’s super effective for giving your skin a moisture boost before special occasions or makeup. 

I even slap on a mask before important Zoom meetings. 

FaceTory Glow Baby Glow 2 step sheet mask with ampoule | Naturally Stellar


FaceTory Glow Baby Glow sheet masks come with ampoule | Naturally Stellar

See you next Friday beauty lovers! Who knows what’s gonna be next. Could be one of my shopping hauls or simply something that I’ve been using and loving lately. Oh and if there’s a specific beauty topic you’d like me to cover, drop a comment.


Do you have a favorite sheet mask?

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