Easy Ways To Optimize Pinterest For Better Traffic

If you pin to Pinterest regularly and are looking for simple ways to increase engagement, add followers or increase traffic to your site, this post is for you.  If your goal is to do any of these, you need to create a better user experience. Creating a better user experience for your target demographic, means you have to optimize Pinterest. I’m gonna show you how.

Easy Ways To Optimize Pinterest | Naturally Stellar

While each of these tips are easy to do, some may be more time-consuming than others.  I’m going to start with one that takes a little more effort than the rest…first.

Optimize Pinterest – Organize Your Boards

It just makes it easier to navigate. Visually it’s more appealing than a page full of cluttered boards and it helps people to find what they are looking for, much quicker.  This translates into more time spent on your profile.

Let me be totally transparent. This is a task that I have not completely finished, but I do a little at a time, when I get a chance.   So either go all in or pace yourself.

Create Cover Images

I’m gonna use one of my blogger friend’s, Tomiko’s page as an example.  I love the way she has her Pinterest boards set up. It’s very clean and organized.

Easy Ways To Optimize Your Pinterest | Naturally Stellar

To create a cover, use something like Canva or Photoshop to create your image.  A simple square image is fine. In Pinterest, go to your profile  In the upper right of your profile, Click the Red + symbol to upload your image. Be sure to add your site as the destination URL. Click continue. Select the board you want and click Save. Click “see it now” or find the board you pinned it to.  Open the board  Click the edit icon (pencil), and then “change” to select your image.


Add Subsections To Boards

This is one of my boards called ENTERTAIN LIKE A STAR.  I add all my entertaining ideas here like drinks (alcoholic and non), appetizers, party ideas etc.   If someone only wants to find stuff about hosting a nice brunch spread, it’s all right there in its own section. 

Easy Ways To Optimize Your Pinterest | Naturally Stellar

To create a section – Click on your board.   At the top there will be an icon that says ” Add Section”,  Click it.   Name your section and click Add.  To add pins – click on your pin to open it. ⇒ At the top, find the edit icon (pencil) and click it.  Select the section where you’d like your pin to go, and click “Save”.  

Easy Ways To Optimize Your Pinterest | Naturally Stellar

Optimize Pinterest – Upgrade To Using Rich Pins

If you are already used to pinning content on Pinterest from your website AND you are sure you have metadata applied to your posts & pages, then you’re ready to upgrade to Rich Pins.

Rich Pins give Pinterest consumers a richer experience when viewing your content on the platform. What this means, is that besides your awesome description, they can see your site’s metadata on your pins. Metadata is like your little hook to get people to click.  It gives them an idea of what they are going to experience when they click.

This information stays with your pin wherever it goes, regardless if anyone changes the description area, as they repin it to their boards.

There are 4 types of Rich Pins allowed on Pinterest.   Apps, Recipes, Products and Articles.

Products – Prices, Titles,

Recipes – Serving Sizes, Site Name, Ingredients

Articles – Titles, Source, Publish Date, Meta Descriptions

Easy Ways To Optimize Your Pinterest | Naturally Stellar
In this example, you can see the difference between a regular pin posted on the platform and a rich pin.   The area circled is where you will find your optimized info.
Rich Pin Validator

If your site is already optimized with metadata, you can use this Rich Pin Validator to get approved to submit Rich Pins. All you need to do is validate 1 pin on your domain and you’re all set to pin Rich pins going forward.   Cool thing is, Pinterest will even update any pins you’ve added before validation.   Click the link to validate your site:  https://developers.pinterest.com/tools/url-debugger/


Optimize Your Site – Make Pinning Easy For Visitors

A good way to get people to share your pins and keep the cycle of life going is to make sure you have pinnable images on your site. Check to confirm the “pin it” button is fully functional on your site OR that you have some other way, like a social bar or Pinterest social button, to make sharing easy for your visitors.


Easy Ways To Optimize Pinterest | Naturally Stellar

Optimize Your Site For Mobile Use

85% of Pinterest searches are done on a mobile device. Make sure your visitor’s have a good user experience, when navigating your site on a mobile device.  Also, Google gives favor to those with mobile optimized sites.

Optimize Pinterest – Use The Right Keywords

Keywords are the key to being successful on Pinterest.  Yes, making sure your content is pinned to the right boards and the right tribes is important, but proper descriptions with keyword use is most important, in my opinion.  Keywords make it possible for people to quickly find your content when searching. 

Optimize Pinterest – Use Hashtags

Pinterest allows hashtags, use them.  Now is a good time to get into the habit of pinning content using your branded hashtags, as well as a few relevant ones that apply to your pin’s content.

By applying these tips, you should begin to see steady changes in your Pinterest traffic.  Now, whether or not you go viral is up to you and your creativity 😉

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