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Springtime is here and it’s time to put those finishing touches on sprucing up your homes & apartments. What better way is there to fab up your pad, than to add a little pizzazz with some Chalk Painted Decor Jars?

Chalk Painted Decor Jars | Naturally Stellar


This is a great idea I found on Pinterest and modified it a little to suit what I needed.  Now, you can use these as centerpieces or for side tables & wall shelves.  In my case, I’m decorating some space for my little bundle of joy coming this summer. These will go perfect with her color palette and the baby furniture we want to get for her.  In the meantime though, they’ll be used to help brighten things up in my living room.

Chalk Painted Decor Tutorial

So for this tutorial, you’re gonna need some supplies.  Let’s start by searching our spaces for empty jars.

I was able to locate an empty Trader Joe’s Oil Jar & an old Mason Jar that held some bath & body products.  Now that my bath & body stuff is all gone, I can’t see wasting a perfectly good jar.

If you wanna buy everything exactly as I did, I’ll leave links to the items.  Some may be affiliate links. Otherwise, you can get all of this from your local Hobby Lobby or craft store.

Chalk Painted Decor Jars | Naturally Stellar


Step 1 – Clean your jars with soap & water.  Dry them thoroughly.  Then, use an alcohol pad to clean the entire surface of the outside of the jar.  Pay attention to wipe the bottoms and rims of your jars as well.  This will remove any surface oils leftover from soaps or fingers.  Oh and it’s up to you if you want to leave any labels on your jars, I did as you can see below with my oil jar.   I think it adds more character when it’s finished.

Chalk Painted Decor Jars, DIY Tutorial

Step 2 – Lay out your supplies on top of your protective surface and prepare your paint.   (I recommend doing this project either outside or near a window for ventilation, some of the paint fumes can be strong depending on which ones you use.) The tutorial that I followed required a layer of black chalk paint, chalk paint in your favorite color & an additional acrylic paint to finish.  I didn’t do that with mine.  Although I bought the 3 kinds of paint, I decided to just stick with 1 type for my project and the results turned out great.  I used Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint color #ADC13.

Chalk Painted Decor Jars

Step 3 – Determine which brush size would be best for you and begin to saturate the tip of your sponge.  A little paint goes a long way so don’t overdo it.   Dip into your paint and use a piece of your cardboard surface to do a few test strokes and push the paint deeper into your sponge before you paint your jar.   Begin painting in long even strokes.  I found that straight up and down is best for the body of the jars.   Side by side works best for your rim.

Chalk Painted Decor Jars
This is what the 1st coat looks like. You’ll need up to 3 coats to fully cover your jars.


Step 4 – Let your first coat dry near a window or with a fan if you have one nearby.  It’ll take at least 3 coats to fully cover well and about 45 minutes to an hour for drying time between coats.

Chalk Painted Decor Jars


Chalk Painted Decor Jars


See how well you can cover grooves in your glass?
See how well you can cover grooves in your glass?

Step 5 – Once your jars are completely dry, it is optional to use a clear acrylic paint like this one to seal in your surface.  But it’s totally up to you.   I opted not to.   Then you are going to begin adding your flower stems 1 by 1, making sure to arrange them well so you don’t see any gaps in your blooms.

Chalk Painted Decor Jars


Chalk Painted Oil Jar

Viola!  You’ve just created your own Chalk Painted Decor Accessories.

Well, until our next DIY adventure Stars!


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