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*Video Post*  My newest hairstyle, this fantabulous coil out bob, is the 3rd style that I’ve managed to create from my latest crochet braid install I did over 5 weeks ago.  I love stretching my protective styles to their limit and this one is no exception.  If you’re gonna rock an extension style for a long period of time, it’s always a good idea to map out a few style ideas that you could create with it BEFORE you go through the process of installing the hair.



In this case I’ve switched up my initial install of Freetress Urban Soft Dread hair to create a gorgeous coil out bob haircut.  I really like this style because it’s very low maintenance, it’s off the shoulders and this hair has so much snap back, I don’t have to worry about setting my coils or refreshing them.  I just sleep on my satin pillowcase at night and fluff to style in the morning.

To transition from faux locs to coil out, I just gave my locs a quick cut down to about ear lobe length, bluntly all the way around and then began to separate the locs into sections of 2 or 3 pieces each.  Once I completed the process of separating, then I moved on to cutting and shaping.

This cut was done with a good pair of cutting shears and I used a simple, forward and downward facing 45 degree angle, to achieve this chunky and shapely bob.  There’s really no need to be precise with this cut. The key is to reduce the bulk of hair on the top layers and shape the hair to frame your face.  I really love it because the finished look isn’t a blunt cut bob. It’s very layered, bouncy and fun.

Dope Coil Out Bob with Urban Soft Dread Hair


Ready To Try This Coil Out Bob Style?  Watch The Video!

Urban Soft Dread Hair Style Coil Out Bob


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