Crochet Braids Tutorial: Silk Locs with Urban Soft Dread

Hey Stars! Today I’m showing you how I installed these gorgeous silk locs using the Crochet Braids method and Urban Soft Dread hair.  This is a quick step-by-step tutorial with video and pics of how you can install this look yourself and rock these undetectable soft dreads, in a style that’s all your own.  I jazzed my style up a bit by adding a cute braided leave out section on the side. ** Video Tutorial – Click To Watch  **


Crochet Braids Tutorial using Soft Dread Hair | Naturally Stellar

There really isn’t much to achieving a great crotchet braid style.  In fact, crotchet braids are one of the quickest and least stressful ways to rock & maintain your favorite styles, like braids, twists, locs and leave out protective styles.

 How To Install Faux Silk Locs Using Soft Dread Hair

Crochet Braids Tutorial using Soft Dread Hair | Naturally Stellar

So here’s what you’ll need:

  • Large Tooth Detangling Comb or Paddle Brush
  • Latch Hook
  • Moisturizer (Optional. Depending on hair needs)
  • Light Hair Oil (Optional. Depending on hair needs)
  • Rat Tail Comb
  • 6-7 packs of Soft Dread Hair
  • Scissors

Time To Complete: 3 to 3.5 hours

Step 1

On freshly washed and deep conditioned hair, determine your finished style and choose your braid pattern.  If you don’t care much about these being detectable or super defined, you can do simple 1 to 1.5 inch wide, straight cornrows front to back.   If definition is important to you, my suggestion is to keep your cornrows evenly spaced and smaller in width.  If you’d like the option of wearing your hair up on the sides, then horizontal cornrows will be needed along your edges.

Moisturize and Detangle your hair in sections using a wide tooth comb.  Using the tail end of your rat-tail comb, begin parting your hair and cornrowing into your desired pattern. Make sure to secure any leave out sections with no-metal elastic bands. Once your cornrowing is complete, you can lightly oil your braided sections to seal in the moisture.

If cornrowing isn’t your thing, have someone skilled do it for you. Otherwise, just use 2 mirrors, front and back, and get busy sista’. 

Crochet Braids Tutorial using Soft Dread Hair | Naturally StellarStep 2  *affiliate links included below

Open and remove your hair from the packaging. Cut the rubber band off. Depending on your desired finished length, you can either cut your soft dread hair in half, right at the point where the rubber band is or use the length as-is.   Lay your bulk hair out on a surface close to you for easy access.

I used Shake N Go’s Freetress Equal brand of hair. The style is Urban Soft Dread.  I used 1 pack of #33 color in the front right section of my hair and #1b color throughout the rest of my style. 

Step 3

Choose where you’d like to begin installing the soft dread hair.  I would recommend beginning at the nape and working your way forward. Grab your latch hook, open the latch and slide it in underneath your cornrow.   With the latch open, insert 1 piece of hair,  at the middle point of the hair length, into the hook and close the latch.  Slowly pull the hook out from underneath the cornrow.  Open the latch and release the hair.

Natural hair care for wig wearers | Naturally Stellar

Step 4

Insert your thumb and pointer fingers into the hair loop you released from your latch hook.  With your other hand, grab the ends of your hair piece and put them through the middle of the hair loop.  Pull the hair through the loop until the loop reaches your cornrow.  Give the ends a soft tug to make sure it’s secure at the root.   Stellar Tip:  If you want a more undetectable style, go for one extra tie.  You’re simply going to take both ends of your hairpiece section and tie it one more time for extra security and a nice knot at the root.  Watch The Video

Continue until each cornrow is completely covered. 

Step 5

Style your hair however you’d like.  Here’s my finished look using the full length of the soft dread hair straight from the packaging. 

Crochet Braids Tutorial using Soft Dread Hair | Naturally Stellar

Crochet Braids Tutorial using Soft Dread Hair | Naturally Stellar


Crochet Braids Tutorial using Soft Dread Hair | Naturally Stellar


Crochet Braids Tutorial using Soft Dread Hair | Naturally Stellar

Making Your Silk Locs Unique

After wearing my locs down my back for about a week or so, I decided to cut them down and rock a shorter style that has been much easier to manage.  But will that stop my 7-month old from constantly grabbing my hair?  Nope!

Crotchet Braids Soft Dread

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