10 Chic Ways To Hide Clutter In Your Home

Here are 10 chic ways to hide clutter you don’t want seen. Because of our limited living space, I’m always looking for creative ways to keep our home organized and to keep clutter out of sight. Check these out! *At no cost to you, I receive a small commission if you make a purchase through the links in this post.

Chic ways to hide clutter and better organize your home. | Naturally Stellar

10 Chic Ways To Hide Clutter In Your Home

Decorative storage boxes

Using decorative storage boxes around your home can help you to retain style while also hiding away things like toiletries, hair tools, junk mail, loose papers and magazines. You can find these in a variety of sizes, colors, textures and with or without lids.

Chic ways to hide clutter | Decorative storage boxes are perfect for organizing or hiding clutter | Naturally Stellar

Some of my favorite storage boxes come with magnetic lids and pretty designs.  I like to use them when decluttering our nightstands and they’re great for fast clean ups when you just want to hide things away quickly. 

Stack them, tuck them away or use them as room accents.  Either way, they’ll help you to stay stylishly organized. 

Bed Risers/Tall Frames

Tall platform bedframes and risers can give small space bedrooms the extra storage space that they need.  For example, a Queen sized 18″ platform frame is the perfect size to provide room for up to eight 40 gallon storage totes. 

Storage baskets

Storage baskets work well in almost every room of your home. 

  • Use them to hide away books and toys in a kids room. 
  • In the bathroom, you can use smaller baskets to hold things like soaps, hand towels and toilet paper.
  • In the bedroom, use them to store items like socks, underwear, books or random items that don’t have a home. 
  • Baskets are perfect for helping to organize hallway closets, linen closets, kitchen items/cookbooks.
  • In your home office or home based business, they can be used to organize supplies, customer orders and crafts etc. 

Chic ways to hide clutter | Storage baskets come in a variety of sizes and materials to help organize your home | Naturally Stellar

Plastic storage bins

Plastic totes are invaluable around the home. They can make an ordinarily unorganized garage or room look well put together.  

Use them to store seasonal items, books, toys, tools, shoes, extra blankets, linens and non-perishable food items. 

Storage benches & ottomans

I am in love with storage benches. Not just because they’re beautiful accent furniture pieces but these things can hold a LOT of stuff! 

Chic ways to hide clutter and better organize your home | Naturally Stellar

This one that I have in my bedroom holds all of my photo fabric backdrops, overnight duffel bags and more.  Many of these are deep enough to hold king sized bedding and large pillows.  Near an entryway they would be perfect for holding shoes and dry umbrellas. 

Wardrobe closets

One of my greatest investments around our home was buying an extra wardrobe closet.  This freed up our limited closet space to make room for larger items like our winter coats.  Pieces that I wear and use most often are kept in the wardrobe closet, as well as a section for our towels and blankets. 

The top of the cabinet also provides a space to store things like candles and decorative storage boxes. 

Shop these storage options

Storage cabinets

Accent furniture can do more than just add style to your space. Many accent furniture pieces are designed with extra storage in mind. 

Chic ways to hide clutter | Storage cabinets are perfect for hiding clutter in small spaces | Naturally Stellar

Find pieces that closely match with your space and style and don’t forget to measure out the internal dimensions if you plan on using storage baskets inside. 

Stylish ways to store clutter around your home. Gorgeous mint media cabinet from Wayfair | Naturally Stellar

Jewelry storage

There are so many chic ways to store or display your jewelry items.  Some of my favorites are decorative glass & chrome organizers, rotating floor mirror jewelry cases and hanging pocket storage. 

Chic ways to hide clutter and better organize your home. | Naturally Stellar- Jewelry and watch storage options.

Accessories Organizers 

There’s always those loose items and accessories lying around that never seem to have a proper place. This is where accessories organizers come in. 

Use them to store things like eyeglasses, hair jewelry, makeup, mens ties, watches, cuff links etc. 

Vertical storage

Using wall space and doors as an area for storage is often overlooked. But vertical storage is great for keeping decor items and things that you use often at eye level. 

Some options for vertical storage are wall shelves, over-the-door organizers, coat racks, hanging storage bins and wall mounted closet systems. 

I hope this post gave you some good ideas & tips to help you better organize your home or get that extra storage space you’ve been needing.

If you like what you see, stick around and check out more of my home & garden posts on the site. 


Do you have any creative storage options around your home?

10 Chic Ways To Hide Clutter In Your Home

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