Getting Ready For A Nashville Solar Eclipse Party

Metro Nashville public schools announced last week that Solar Eclipse Day will be recognized as an official holiday. That means kids don’t have to go to school that day. They’re urging people to use the day as a learning opportunity for kids and parents.  

Solar Eclipse Party | Naturally Stellar

I was already planning on pulling my son from school on that day. So I’m glad the school is now recognizing it as a holiday, so it won’t mess with his attendance record. It’s gonna be a fun learning experience for our family. Even though we’ve had lots of family fun these last few months, seeing the eclipse will truly be the highlight of the summer. 


How My Family Will Be Celebrating The Solar Eclipse

We will be celebrating with Holiday Inn and Scholastic, as part of the hotel’s Summer of Smiles program!  My family is invited to come out and experience the solar eclipse with a fun family focused party being put on by Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt hotel.  It’s gonna be a fun time to see this once in a lifetime solar eclipse.  We should have an awesome view too, since Nashville and the hotel are right along the totality line.  It’s gonna be pretty exciting! 

Solar Eclipse Party | Naturally Stellar

My family is going to be provided transportation to and from the event. There will be space-themed crafts, story time and snacks.

Nasa Tennessee Solar Eclipse Map | Naturally Stellar
Map courtesy of NASA

Scholastic is going to help kids and parents learn about space with “The Magic School Bus Presents: Our Solar System” book. We’ll also get special eclipse viewing glasses and the kids will have a chance to meet Clifford The Big Red Dog and Geronimo Stilton. Needless to say, I’ll be bringing my camera and filling you in on all the Eclipse excitement.

Other ways to see & learn about the Solar Eclipse

There are still plenty of ways to see the solar eclipse if you live outside the totality line.  NASA has a lot of great information available, including which vendors/retailers to purchase eclipse glasses from. Stay away from Amazon for these.


Click To See ⇒ The Eclipse Live Stream by NASA



Solar Eclipse Party | Naturally Stellar

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Got any plans for Solar Eclipse Day?


  1. Super cool that they have made it a national holiday. I don’t think they recognize that in Los Angeles. I like they you all are making it educational activity complete with a hotel stay. Nice that you all are in the path and will be able to see clearly.

  2. I wish we were having something like that here since we have a NASA Location here in Cleveland. Sounds very fun! But since my children are so young I am a little nervous for them, they don’t tend to look right at the sun so I am hoping that if I don’t say much about it then they wont look (crazy I know). I wish we had an event to attend…

  3. That’s all I’ve been hearing on the news here in Nashville. I don’t have glasses yet. Hopefully I can find some in the next day or two lol. I hope you guys have a great time.

    1. Tnanks! It’s only because there’s a record number of tourists expected this weekend and on Monday that it’s all over the news. Businesses are booming. I think there’s a lot of people still looking for glasses too.

  4. Aw, that sounds like a cool way to watch the eclipse. I’d love to see it but it looks like rain here. :/

  5. That’s awesome that you will be able to experience this event with your children. I will probably watch it online since I do not have the special glasses yet.

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