Can A Tea Really Boost Your Breastmilk Supply?

I know I don’t talk much about my breastfeeding journey but I really wanted to share a new product with you called Fluiditea for lactating moms and fill you in on what’s going on with me and the issues I’ve had/been having with wanting to exclusively breastfeed my daughter.  I know as I write this, there are many moms out there struggling with breastfeeding issues and are just looking for a simple, quick and straightforward solution to make feeding easier. So I know that this post is going to benefit many of you.

Full Disclosure: I was given the following products for free to try and compensation in exchange for my candid and honest opinion about Fluiditeas. All opinions and sass are 100% my own. 

Fluid I Tea Breastfeeding Teas | Naturally Stellar #fluiditea4bfmoms


When she was born my milk came in just in time for her first feeding, however after about a week or so, my milk production was SUPER low.  My daughter was jaundiced and had dropped a lot of weight, so we took her in to see her pediatrician. Because her weight was at an almost dangerous level, he recommended that we continue to breastfeed but supplement her feedings for a bit with formula until she picked up weight.  So reluctantly, we did. Now I’m not one of those moms that is defensive or judgemental about how parents choose to feed their babies.  To me, as long as a child is healthy and eating, that’s all that matters.  But I do desire to feed my daughter breast milk and have been trying to boost my milk supply but failing horribly.   My right breast has already basically dried up and my left one, where she fed the most is almost at this point as well.

I’ve been researching remedies online and there’s so much advice about what to do.  Lactation cookies, increasing protein, breastfeeding shakes, fenugreek pills, blessed thistle etc.  There’s a ton of stuff to try but even researching was getting exhausting and I was really feeling defeated.

Then I heard about FluidiTea.  When I first researched the product I was almost immediately excited about it. Here’s why:

#1 I LOVE tea.  Some people like coffee, I like to drink teas.  When I go to Starbucks it’s not for a Frappachino, you will catch me drinking an iced Oprah Chai. (Which I haven’t had since my daughter’s birth **weeping**) Black Tea, Chai, Herbal Teas, Fruit Teas, Green Tea…I just love it.

#2 The testimonials. Women were boasting about how fast and effective their teas have been for not only increasing supply but also for helping with clogged duct issues.

#3 The convenience.  I already drink tea regularly, so now all I gotta do is drink this instead of my regular teas.


So as soon as I received my tea in the mail I started trying the Flourish and Grow to help with my fluid intake and maximize my milk supply.   Some of the other benefits of using this particular tea are that it’s supposed to help with enriching your milk quality and supporting your baby’s growth.

Fluid I Tea Breastfeeding Teas | Naturally Stellar #fluiditea4bfmoms

Fluiditea also has a tea called Clear and Flow, to help clear blocked milk ducts, ease your sore and tender breasts and promote a healthy flow again. So if blocked ducts or Mastitis are issues for you, then this tea can help. It is said to clear clogs in as fast as the use of 1 or 2 tea bags.  Now where were these when I had my excruciating clogged duct a few months back?

These aren’t traditional “tea bags”. Each individual pouch has powdered tea in it which dissolves completely in water.  There’s absolutely no grit or sediment at all and the taste was very surprising.  This stuff tastes good!!  I had no idea it would taste as good as it does. All I do is add just a little bit of honey for sweetness. 

So since I started taking the flourish and grow I have started to produce more milk, and I’ve managed to get my daughter to latch on for comfort again.  She still wants her bottle but she will latch on a few times per day and I can pump in between.  Thank goodness she’s never been nipple confused, she just prefers the formula because it flows, it’s plentiful and she doesn’t have to work for it.

I am sold on these teas, it really and quickly does exactly what the product claims say that it will do for you.  I am utterly and completely sold.  I’m so glad and grateful that I found this tea. 

Some Interesting Points About Fluid I Tea

  • These teas are NOT supplements, in fact they have Nutrition Labels
  • They are 100% Natural and plant-based
  • These products are endorsed by actress/producer, Haylie Duff.  You can read more about what Haylie has to say about these teas on her blog, The Real Girl’s Kitchen
  • Fluiditeas are the first of its kind and there aren’t any other products out there with these same ingredients
  • Safe for Mother and Baby
  • You should only take these as needed

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What Do Think About Using Tea To Boost Your Breastmilk Production?

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