Camp Dreamworks Is Keeping Kids Busy This Summer

Virtual summer camps are popping up everywhere. As a mom of 2 kids, on summer break, I’m all here for it! Bring on the camps! Starting with Camp DreamWorks. 

Camp Dreamworks Virtual Summer Series For Kids.

Virtual Summer Camps Are A Great Alternative

This is the first summer that I’ve noticed an influx of free virtual camps. 

Last year, there were plenty being offered but the prices of the camps went beyond my budget.  Well, to be more precise, the costs went outside of what I was willing to pay for a hands-off approach. Plus, a lot of the costs of supplies and activities weren’t being included in the registration fees.  They were mostly out of pocket. So, no thanks. 

This year, I’m searching for every opportunity I can find for my kids to get involved and have fun with virtual summer camps.  Free or low-cost ones. It’s a great way to keep them busy and engaged. It’ll also help to give us parents a bit of a break

Our school system provided a free virtual summer camp that ended this week.  It was open to both students and adults. Since that’s now over, I’ve gone on the hunt for more.

Shouts out to my blogger buddy Shaye, from Popcorn and Tequila for informing me about Camp DreamWorks!

Camp DreamWorks

This week my kids have been participating in #CampDreamWorks and following along with each day’s activity on Facebook. Here’s a look at what they offer and you can go back to follow the activities at any time. 

My Kid’s Are Enjoying The Fun Activities

The first day’s activity (Monday) was learning how to draw Boss Baby.  My son, who’s 12, drew this awesome rendition of Boss Baby as a flipbook.  He really enjoys drawing “how to’s” and is working on creating his own comic book series.

Camp Dreamworks Boss Baby How To Draw Series
Boss Baby flipbook. Boss Baby in his diaper. #CampDreamWorks day 1 activity for kids.

How To Draw Boss Baby Camp Dreamworks

My daughter on the other hand.  She gave up mid-way through lol.  She’s only 4 and we had to keep pausing the video for her to follow along.  Good thing the content will be there for us to revisit later on when she’s feeling a little more patient. 

Camp Dreamworks How To Draw Series for kids
How to draw Boss Baby – #CampDreamWorks Day 1 activity.

Head on over to Facebook and check out all of the fun #CampDreamWorks activities, interact with the DreamWorks animation crew and other families.  Drop comments on the activity posts if you like too!  Have Fun!


Have you tried any virtual camps this summer for yourself or your kids?

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