Her Business Spotlight: Country Goddess

Country Goddess, what a unique name.  I had the opportunity to meet this beauty and business owner at a Nashville networking event.  She was so friendly and enthusiastic about telling me all about her business and products.  We spoke about having a chance to collaborate in the future and I just knew she would be a great fit for this segment on Naturally Stellar.

Country Goddess Her Business Feature | Naturally Stellar http://bit.ly/CountryGoddess

Her products are innovative, the one I had a chance to try is top-notch and I absolutely LOVE her packaging and branding.  There is a lot of love and thought behind this brand and I’m so glad that I had the chance to interview Sri before you start seeing her products everywhere.  Remember you heard about her here first!

Country Goddess Her Business Feature | Naturally Stellar http://bit.ly/CountryGoddess
Sri Thayi, Owner of Country Goddess

On To The Interview With Country Goddess

Country Goddess Her Business Feature | Naturally Stellar

Introduce yourself to our readers.  What is your role/title and how long have you been in business?

Hello, Naturally Stellar readers!!  I am Sri Thayi, the Founder & Chief Goddess Facilitator of Country Goddess, a natural beauty & wellness company that I started after moving to Nashville in 2015. We make small-batch, handmade beauty care products and facilitate self-love workshops. We aim to empower women to connect them to their innate beauty.

What is it about your products that sets you apart from your competition?

The products are inspired by the beauty rituals of mothers around the world. The current products are: Replenishing Skin Food, Liquid Radiance, and Lip Butter. Each of the products are based on my mother’s recipes for youthful skin care and instant glow, as well as my own  extensive research. The ingredients are high-quality and ethically sourced from super stars who live around the world. We try to use women-run small businesses throughout the process of the manufacturing the end products.  
Country Goddess incorporates what I’ve learnt as a healer and wisdom from family, who advocate going back to nature for skin and personal care. We’ve formulated our products carefully using ancient Ayurvedic practices that have been tried and tested over thousands of generations of mothers!  
What sets us apart is not just the fact that we are 100% vegan, natural, gluten-free, artificial chemical free (and all the goody stuff), but also that our products are energized, with the healing intent to empower you. Our goal is to reach 1 million women around the world by 2017 through our products, business processes, and social causes.   

What motivated you or inspired you to start your business?

I’ve been inspired by the sum set of my experiences, the people I have met through my journey and combination of our pain points that kept cropping up with my understanding as a woman and a hypnotherapist. As cheesy or flaky as it may sound I’ve been motivated by self-love, for myself and others I interact with. 
There is nothing more gratifying then starting a business ground up – especially in a country in which you only know 10 people, and in a city in which you know no one. You need to be a certain kind of crazy! But to me it made logical sense to start the kind of hybrid wellness, beauty company that would help facilitate the process of women connecting with and remembering their innate wisdom. 

How did you initially fund your business?

As an avid traveler I took leverage of the sharing economy. I rented my spare bedroom through Air BnB, and used it as a platform to test my products with the guests I was hosting. I suffered with paralysis with over analysis for few of my previous business ventures, and decided to just jump into action with whatever came my way.   


What beauty problems do your products solve?

The Skin Food contains high-performing herbs that exfoliate, cleanse, and protect the skin. It can be used as a scrub or a mask by activating it with water and/or honey. Results can be seen instantly. 
Liquid Radiance is a facial mist. It is a summer beauty must-have which hydrates and tones the skin, making users feel instantly refreshed.  
The Lip Butter nourishes parched lips. It contains 12 super ingredients that work magic to keep lips feeling soft and loved. 

What do you feel are some of your biggest challenges as an entrepreneur?

Time management. It can be very challenging to keep up with the changing business topography and understanding when and how to pivot with the limited resources at hand. I’ve learnt that you can turn obstacles and setbacks around. Instead of becoming frustrated, I use those things as fuel to keep moving, to push forward. This has allowed me to get very creative and more efficient.
Oh. I also have to learn how to stop obsessing. I have to switch off from work all the time and enjoy the start-up phase.  

What piece of advice, that you wish someone had given to you, would you give to anyone looking to start their own business today?

Have an inspiration. Be consistent. Persistent. 
And always see yourself looking at your business from the future you. 
Country Goddess Her Business Feature | Naturally Stellar

I hope you guys are really getting inspired by our Her Business stories.  I know I am.  You can find out more about Country Goddess and follow Sri on her social media channels below.  Don’t forget to check out your exclusive offer from Country Goddess and leave any comments you’d like.  If you have a question for Sri, feel free to leave it below!

Country Goddess on FB | Country Goddess on Instagram | Country Goddess on Twitter 

Country Goddess Her Business Feature | Naturally Stellar

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