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We had such a good time last week hosting our family for Thanksgiving. It was a great extended weekend of delicious food, good company and lots of family movies.

But now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, I’m on a mission to keep the momentum going by making the rest of the season as fun and festive as I can for my kids. My son will be out of school on winter break soon and my daughter is super excited for snow (which we rarely get here in Nashville… so, sorry kid) and more baking.  She’s hooked on decorating cookies now.

Creating A Gorgeous Chocolate Tree | Naturally Stellar

A Stunning Chocolate Tree

For the past 3 or so years, we haven’t had a Christmas tree in our apartment.  Nobody really seemed interested in going all out with decorations. But last year, I created a faux tree made out of a string of white lights and the kids went crazy over it.  So I promised them that this year, we’d get an actual tree.

The theme I went for this year is Chocolate Glam. So, I went to and picked out this pretty Spruce 7′ White Artificial Christmas Tree with 550 Clear Lights and Stand and this Natural Jute Christmas Tree Skirt.

Creating A Chocolate Christmas Tree | Naturally Stellar

I gathered together a variety of pieces and textures that would add sparkle and charm to this fabulous and bright white tree.  Things like wooden accents, gold glitter, chocolate ornaments, frosted pine cones, and burlap. I am so loving the gorgeous glow this tree gives off night. It’s so warm and inviting. 

Creating A Chocolate Christmas Tree | Naturally Stellar

Decorating Tricks and Repurposing Accents

One trick I used to bring some character and depth to our tree was to use poly filling to hide some of the wires and stems of the lighted tree.  I also used it to create the illusion of snow underneath and inside some of the accent pieces surrounding the tree.

The polyfill also made a nice bed to help prop up a few leftover loose pine cones!

Creating A Chocolate Christmas Tree | Naturally Stellar

Next, I repurposed this mirrored platter, ceramic planter, and vase that were sitting around the house looking sad and lonely.  I arranged the pieces on the platter, stuffed the plant pot with a plastic grocery bag and topped it off with “snow” and a few frosty pine cones. I then added some glittery stars to the platter.

Below, I used an old decorative gift box and textured containers to act as gifts under the tree until I replace them with the real deal.

Creating A Chocolate Christmas Tree | Naturally Stellar

Creating A Chocolate Christmas Tree | Naturally Stellar
I found my favorite ornament at the grocery store for only $3.99
Creating A Chocolate Christmas Tree | Naturally Stellar
Holiday Aisle Gold Ball Ornament Set (

The Gold Christmas Ball Ornament Set was also from Wayfair.  Leave it to me. I mistakenly ordered a gold set and so I had to reorder another set in chocolate.  The chocolate ornament set comes with a mix of gold, brown and bronze ornaments inside. Here’s one of the chocolate glitter ornaments in the pic below. So pretty! 

Creating A Chocolate Christmas Tree | Naturally Stellar

Creating A Chocolate Christmas Tree | Naturally Stellar

To top it all off I went with a fluffy gold flecked burlap bow I found in a craft store. It really adds a lot of character and style to our beautiful tree. 

Be sure to check out they have a lot of great stuff to spruce up your home for any season. 

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