What Bloggers Do When They’re Snowed In

Most of us are really feeling the effects of Jonas Blizzard 2016 right now.  Some of us are making the most of it, while others are simply trying to stay sane and figure out something to do to pass the time. As a blogger, I thought it would be cool to see what other bloggers do when they’re snowed in. So I compiled a roundup to give you a glimpse into the life and minds of bloggers as we pass the time on our snow days during Jonas Blizzard 2016 a.k.a. Snowmaggeddon 2016. 

What Bloggers Do When They're Snowed In | Naturally Stellar

Here’s What We’re Doing In Nashville

In my house it’s all about catching up on our Netflix & Hulu playlists, keeping the kids busy and coming up with simple meal ideas.  I’ve also been trying out some new products that will be featured in some of my posts this week. Oh and I did manage to scrape off the car and head out to the grocery store this past Saturday.  What an exciting life huh?

It looks like some of us are taking the outside indoors. Now I’m from NY.  Where I’m from, I can’t ever see us doing this right here but you gotta check this out.  Here’s a recipe for Snow Ice Cream from Ashlie of Beau and Arrow

Ashlie of Beau and Arrow during Jonas Blizzard 2016

Melissa of Fab Glance was out taking pictures of all of this beautiful snow we got!  I have to admit, pics like these make me reminisce of my former Upstate NY life.  But then a next day forecast of 49 degrees makes me say Nahhhh.

Melissa of Fab Glance during Jonas Blizzard 2016

Ya’ll gotta check out Jamaria of Through Jam’s Eyes, she decided to do a winter fashion shoot in the snow.  You’re crazy girl!  I’m cold just looking at these lol. The pics are super cute though 🙂  Check her out!


Miss KayElle was out here looking like a million bucks in her super dope mink jacket and gorgeous makeup.  Yeah she did that!


Here’s What We’re Doing Elsewhere

Mimi of MimiCuteLips™  was doing what lots of mamas are doing.  Recording their babies having a ball in the snow. Even if their baby is a big boy 🙂  I found her Currently – January post interesting as well since it showed what she’s getting up to indoors. 

Nasir + Martial Arts + Snow = Backflips anywhere he can. ?❄️ @fox5dc #thewinterawakens #snowmaggedon2016 #MD

A video posted by MimiCuteLips ™ (@mimicutelips) on

Jeneba of Bellyitch Blog spent some time getting a little silly on Instagram with her light saber.  The force was with her for sure. 

#cabinFever is setting In and it’s only been 2 days. ?. Lol #practicingMyJedimoves #WhatBloggersDoWhenSnowedIn ?
A video posted by JJ Ghatt (@jjghatt) on

I’d love to see what more Northern U.S. bloggers are doing. Hey, if you get snowed in at times and you’d like to be added to my little roundup, just email me your details: Name, URL and image you’d like me to use. Must be an HD, clear quality photo please. Send them to naturallystellar (at) gmail.com Subject Line: Snowed In

We’ll I’ll be back at you soon with another one. Until then Stars,




What Do You Do When You’re Snowed In?

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